View Full Version : Report - CBBT 3rd, 4th - 7/2/05

07-03-2005, 06:55 AM
Todfish and I left Ft. Monroe at 8:00, arriving at the 4th island about 8:30. Couldn't wiggle into the cove by the tube on the ocean side of the 4th because of other boats, so just anchored mid-island on the ocean side (out of the current). Surface temp 72.5. Thermocline only about 3 feet down. Surface viz about 3-4 feet, bottom viz 8-10 feet. It was patchy. We were freediving. We'd go down one dive and have 10' viz on the bottom, surface, go down again and the viz would be 4-5 feet. No current to speak of.

It was almost like there was a second thermocline, because every once in a while the 'chilly' deeper water would get freezing cold. Chilly was bearable, but this colder water drove me to the top! :) We covered the area from right up in the rocks (which is where the spades were), down to about 25 feet.

We dove there for a while, putting 2 togs and 2 spades in the cooler. One spade had a hook and leader in his mouth!

Saw one other boat with a dive flag out there near the 4th, but it looked like they were drift fishing. I think I saw someone in the water maybe they dumped them and determined viz wasn't good enough or something.

When the viz started dropping and water getting too cold, we got out and were going to drift for flounder near the 3rd. But since we were still in our dive skins, we decided to drop in on ocean side in the middle of the 3rd and see what viz was like. Warmer and a bit clearer. I put another spade in and Todfish added a triggerfish to the cooler.

Things we saw: spades, togs, toadfish, sea bass (little guys), sea stars, whelks, crabs, schools of stripers, sheepshead, those little wrasse things.

Storms were brewing, so we headed home in rougher water than in the morning. Pulled the boat and was on the road at 2:00. Back to Midlothian by 3:45, cleaned the gear, boat, and fish and finished the day at Cheeburger Cheeburger. :)

07-04-2005, 03:38 PM
Doesn't sound too bad. I'd be up for the 16th if you guys are heading out again.

07-05-2005, 08:08 AM
OK...I'm probably going to be totally mocked for this, but Harry Potter Book 6 comes out on the 16th, so my wife and I will probably be reading all that weekend. Big fans of the HP series, but that's for a different forum. :)

Did you get to shoot any this weekend while you were away?

07-05-2005, 09:28 AM
Uh, no I won't mock you for that, don't worry....Just kidding, dude. Everyone does their own thing, man. I love to read, too, got hundreds of books.

I never went away from DC - the traffic was real bad the whole weekend. I'll be going back to Cape May this weekend, and I'll be scouting out the area for spearfishing and will get into the water and also cast the fly rod off of Sunset Beach while I'm there.

If not the middle of the month, maybe you'd have an interest for the last weekend of the month.