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Bill Michelinie
02-19-2006, 10:21 AM
Yesterday, February 18th, the club had a booth at the Tie-Fest fly tying extravaganza in Queenstown, Maryland. This event started in the basement of some TidalFish folks a few years ago as an informal gathering of fly tyers and has grown to where the Moose Lodge was filled with over 200 fly people of all ages (and I mean ALL ages). Here is a picture of the club's booth along with some of the members who helped out: CG%3D323353%3B7%3B462%3Anu0mrj

There were lots of other members in attendance including Scott Newlin and his son (sorry, I forget his name), Val Fox and his granddaughter "Peanut," John McMinn, Rick Bender, Terry Peach, Frank Danner, Bob Barker, Bill Graham, Mason Huffman, Walt Knapp, Joe Nowak, Mark Saba, Paul Saneholtz, and Paul Mattherws. I apologize if I forgot someone but maybe Bill O. will help/correct me. It was pretty busy!

There were two fly shops with booths (A Marblehead Fly Fisher and Winchester Creek Outfitters), three rod companies (Temple Fork Outfitters, Sage, and St. Croix), The Coastal Conservation Association, a local artist named Jay ? who does lovely paintings of peoples's trophy catches, some guides, the " guy" Brandon White, a nice booth with antique fly rods and reels, as welll as a large U-shaped center area with dozens of fly tiers showing their stuff.

The club signed up several new members and got some good exposure. I must pat ourselves on the back a bit but I think we had the best looking display at the show!

flies only
02-20-2006, 06:47 PM
did any groupies try to get to bill oconnor ?? you know how those band guys can get .......[grin]would have love to have gone however had a kitchen that needed some fine tuning..

Bill O
02-20-2006, 08:53 PM
A terrific day. Thanks to Tony & the Tidys for all the hard work.
Bill M., I'm pretty sure there were some more - and if I think of them I'll edit this post. Right now, I've got to go and sit on the couch and watch TV with da wife; duty calls.
Fliesonly - you be bad. [smile]

Bill Michelinie
02-20-2006, 09:00 PM

Bill didn't have time for groupies, he was head down at the vise all day because somebody promised to donate 2 dozen saltwater flies for the TU banquet in 2 weeks![wink]

Wish you could have made it. Be sure to put it on your calendar next year! It was great!