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flies only
03-05-2006, 02:01 PM
thanks goes out to bill ocoonor and bill micheliene for donating 2 filled fly boxes to the delaware trout unlimited banquet. the chapter thanks you guys for your donation... please let me know when and where your banquet will be .. capt john[smile]

Bill Michelinie
03-05-2006, 06:06 PM
Hey John,

really enjoyed the banquet and I was pleased to win a beautiful shadowbox mounted grey ghost, tied by Ken Faust. Very cool.

All the credit goes to Bill O. for tying all two dozen flies for the silent auction! All I did was give him moral support and rib him about getting busy as the date of the event drew closer!

Terry Peach deserves a little of the credit, too, for giving Bill O. a nice discount on the fly boxes that were included with the flies.

All in all, a fine event and a great way to spend an evening. Congratulations on your contibution to TU's finances by donating a charter. Way to go!

Hope to see you at next week's meeting with B.P.