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01-14-2012, 03:57 PM

helper needed to make a detailed table in text format.

table will list ideas proposed on poaching threads:

many great ideas, each is like a seed.

Need helper to read and record all sensible sober ideas

table shall also keep track of how many times idea proposed.

table shall reference original idea porposer proposer, and which thread.

table shall be easily email able if that is a word.

table shall be simple to uupdate so that others can

pick up the job after you get run over by a National Boh truck.

table s will be made for other subjestcsj but we need this one first.

any reasonable format layout will be appreciated.

key concept we need to be able to email it

to mssa, and afscme and other alphabet soup organizations...srr&K

and our elected representatives.

thanks for listening,

hope you can help

[email protected]