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Fish nut
01-14-2012, 05:13 PM
Tom, thank you for posting the information. I must admit I am formally trained in the sciences. However,when it comes to legal matters I am clueless for the most part. I have only been in a court house three times in my life once for a traffic ticket second for jury duty, and third as a character witness at the request of defence attorney. I am a quick study and will be absorbing as much as I can. If prosecutor or judges need to be contacted on the resources behalf please teach me how to find out who is directly assigned to the case I will contact them with letters explaining the need for there full attention and utmost support in protecting our valued resource.

The concept of keeping the information you have posted in one place is good. However having the forum this far down will only limit it's Participation. I wish Brandon would allow each posting to be on the main board for roughly 72 hours then have it moved to this location for further discussion. I just don't think information of this value should be out of site out of mind

01-14-2012, 06:35 PM
Thanks Mr FishNut,

I have a BS in Electronics.
I did science for many years...
I was a third class radioman RM3SS ON the USS POLLACK SSN 603.
She was decomissioned long ago.


What are you good at?

Where is your experience?

Thanks for writing...

[email protected]

Now I do mostly law.

it can be a noble profession.

brandon is smart and wise, Trust him I do.

if the position is a problem he will improve it.

more by email.
thomas Granger