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Muff Diver
02-03-2013, 02:25 PM
Hello everyone,

Our next open boat trip we have available on the Muff Diver is a 48 hour double overnight trip !!!!! This trip is planned for Memorial day weekend May 24-27, 2013. We have 2 spots filled and are looking for 4 more. Here's the deal.

We would want the anglers to be available to go from Friday noon on - so that if Friday, Saturday & Sunday look good we can go then, if Saturday, Sunday and Monday look good we can go then.

The CASH or CHECK p:cool:rice for the 48 hour trip is $1080 per person w/ the mates tip included - 6 anglers total - meet at boat at 10am, leave dock no later than noon, tuna fish or deep drop for Tile fish the first afternoon, shark that evening, fish for tuna on the next full day, start sharking once again the following evening if we haven't killed our mako yet and if we have we will strictly focus on Sword fishing. We will have a deep bait down both nights for a swordie but not be totally focused on them until we fill our shark bag. Around 7-9am the second morning we will call it a trip and head for the barn. Should be back between 10 am and noon. 2 days and 2 nights out in the deep! - weather permitting!!

As usual, everything is included except what you want to eat, drink and fish cleaning. We may want to start fishing for tuna the first day then in the middle of the next day fish for some Tile fish - you know the deal - what ever is biting we go after - maybe even some chunking in the evening - the night that we Swordfish.

This trip is without a doubt going to be a blast and we are really looking forward to this trip. If you are interested in this trip please give me a shout. Thanks all and tight lines!

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