View Full Version : Verizon vs. rest of the world....

05-09-2013, 06:54 PM
Anybody drop Verizon internet and landline phone services, for any of the other service providers out there?

I'd like to hear your story. BTW - TV is not included here. We still have free TV because it didn't make sense to pay Verizon for TV when they didn't offer the channels we can watch for free.

Now Verizon is strong arming us. Our double bundle is about the same cost as their current recent triple play offerings. We've had the pleasure of a discounts and promo pricing over recent times, but they seem fit to drop those. Makes me feel fit to drop them, which is why I'd like to hear if anyone else did so, and how that worked out for you. Thanks a bunch. PM and Email are ok also.

jig monster
05-10-2013, 07:19 AM
Yeah, I'm feeling the same way about Verizon. They all get you to come on board with all these great incentives and then start raising prices and taking away all the channels you like to watch the most. They have it figured out.

We had Comcast before .My neighbor just canceled Verizon and went back to Comcast . He doesn't have landline. Everyone calls him on his cell. I'm thinking about going back to Comcast. Heck, I already have their cable unless it's been upgraded.

I know TV is not a priority with you, but I didn't know ( maybe you did ) Comcast provides Verizon with TV broadcasting. Makes sense, they're a phone company. My neighbor plays along with all of them. Who ever offers the best deal , that's who he goes with. It's funny, he keeps the satellite dishes on his roof because he changes so much. He's back now again with Direct.