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Muff Diver
05-18-2014, 06:58 PM
Muff Diver's May Newsletter


Hi to all. Man is it a long time coming. We had several trips that we had to cancel due to either weather or the temp break moving to far offshore. We had several trips this coming week and decided to put them off a week. We should be pounding the water NLT 5/29&30 (tuna trips) and 5/31 (shark trip). Will report the results. Restless Lady has had two successful shark trips in the past two weeks, caught a Mako on both trips, blue sharks and a Thrasher on the last outing.

We have booked several trips in the last week. Nothing outrageous but the phone is ringing. Ryan is back with the "Blood Money" over in the Bahamas, then on to Charleston, SC and then on to OC. He should be back in the second week of June I would guess.

Give a call to start a "Make Up" or "Open Boat" trip or to book a trip for your group. We are looking for one angler for the White Marlin Open, if interested give a call to 1-800-243-0342 for details.

Remember to check out a new tournament in OC. It looks like a lot of fun and action in later July. Take care one and all, Capt Joe