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  1. How far north

    Quote Originally Posted by dogbig View Post
    I was on the beach. I believe the crabs are running though, another Bluecrabinfo report has almost a bushel of magothy crabs being caught just yesterday. Maybe these are the overwinter river crabs that have come out of the mud, once they are caught the crabbing will taper off till the bay crabs arrive???

    Either way, these reports are getting me all excited.

    The guy I talked to said "they were slammin them" and they were surprised at how many they ...
  2. OT- Need a few bushels of steamed crabs

    Quote Originally Posted by skipperwork View Post
    I'm looking for two cold cuts and some Gatorades to take on the boat today.

    If fishing, should take donuts.
  3. Good new proposed regulations

    Quote Originally Posted by city crabber View Post
    their are roughly 5,887 com crabbers and 48,500 recs you tell me who does more damage? =)

    Comms catch 10 bushel a day, 5 days a week if all crab full time.. Recs may catc 1 bushel of crab at least one day a week, maybe two, doubt if all recs do it every week. Even if you cut the fulltime recs and comms in half, the numbers still say, comms put a big dent in the crab population. Here's a thought, recs eat all crabs caught, do all comm caught crabs get eaten.( death from no ...
  4. Dr. Lubchenko must go !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by rhahn427 View Post
    The koolaid was gulped during the 8 years before ...........
    Because of the bailout of the Bush financial sector failure and the TARP, we have averted a world wide DEPRESSION ...... not recession .......... and did this in a year ......... Yeah dude ...... WOW !!
    Stop watching the FUX entertainment news ........

    Rhahn, telling the truth like you did in your post is not what some want to hear. America today is recovering slowly. but still recovering in ...

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