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  1. Jug, Markers, WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:*

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    1) Learn how to Get Out First: Cut your engines, tighten up your lines, reel those in that are not hooked.
    Then tighten up and drift over - that is back in the direction you came from. Give the lines still caught pull, but also enough time and slack and most will drop off the net, or pull off the net with a little encouragement. Rarely is the barb had time in engorge the twine itself. If your traveling WITH thee tide, it's the same , except that you hold it in reverse to steady your position
  2. Pipedreams Custom Marine Fabrication- Serving your custom fabrication needs. Planer Holders and More

    Quote Originally Posted by captrichie View Post
    Allen, you still workin? I need a arch - can you meet me at Buzzs Marina - Ridge - and give me a price? cell 301-741-5380 - leave message is fine and suggest a day/date to hook-up Thanks!
    Pipedreams: You are gone....I assume? And here I'm buying! Anyone know another down to earth guy? Thanks!!

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