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  1. Northern Baltimore County - Freshwater

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    I know you guys are mainly saltwater anglers, BUT, have you heard about the new green cemetery in N. Balto. County? Grave Run goes thru this 66 A piece and then empties into Prettyboy Reservoir? I hear the new Law they passed eff. March 2nd will let the owner bury up to 100 bodies per acre, so that is like 6600 possible dead gov't was letting them do this. P'Boy is already monitored for e. Coli. If bodies buried next to a trout stream that empties into P'Boy which is home to thousands of bass
  2. Striper Population Question

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    This thread is not about complaining or gloom and doom.

    I've chased stripers from the Carolinas to Cape Cod since the end of the moratorium. I've been watching the changes in the fishery, and the pattern I've seen is EXACTLY what more experienced fisherman have told me I would see. That fact is pretty hard to ignore.

    It's not about whether or not someone in a certain area is having a good year or not. I always have a good year. But it becomes more work every year

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