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  1. VA Beach Boat Show


    Like we said in another blog , during a busy show it is hard to decide when too be very interactive or to be just helpfull. One of our problems is we tend to be less pushy. If someone likes a boat they always have questions. That is the key to interaction.

    100's of people just want to look and do not want to be bothered.

    If we missed you buying signal that is regretful.
    Glad the 2005 is doing fine for you..

    If ...
  2. VA Beach Boat Show

    Fish Boy,

    1. We did have a booth of with engine tech.s. & Boatel staff. What was your question?
    What could they not answer? I would be glad to call you and review what you asked in detail.
    I is hard to image the question they could not at least give you some level of response.

    2. We take trades all the time and can provide a value for your trade.

    3. We do not pre-judge. We have been around many years. Judging a person on how they look ...
  3. VA Beach Boat Show

    Born to fish,
    I would first like to say we regret the way you feel. Many times at shows it is a bit busy, but it seemed we spent a lot of time helping you. Our Policy is not to review or discuss your specific situation in a public forum. The "No down payment" program is not avaliable from our banks. We do have some no down payment programs. Those are just for Bayliner at this time. We wrote 20 deals at the show and I am sure we lost a few trying to balance being helpful but not being ...

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