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  1. Johnfishes's Avatar
    "created by carelessnes"
    Now you are starting to sound like Obama. The spill was created by greed. Greedy oil companies and greedy lobbyists and greedy government regulators. This spill is criminal and needs to be handled accordingly. The government handling of the actual spill and the aftermath borders on criminal. I keep hearing that they have never had to deal with this type of disaster and had no contingency to control. They never should have allowed deep drilling without a sound action plan to shut down the well in an emergency. Four month after the disaster is too long to drill the secondary wells. They should have been in place before the first drop of oil was piped out of the well.
    "Simple economics", what you describe is price fixing and with the monopoly that these oil companies hold is also criminal. BP's assests should be frozen immediately put in a trust and whats remaining of their assets sold to the highest bidding oil company that will take over the day to day operation and take responsability for all claims that BP cant pay out. Only then can the new company put profits to their bottom line. Hold the government regulators and the top execs of BP criminally liable. Of course that will never happen in our life time. We need to start holding companies and individuals responsable for their actions.
  2. Capt. Nick's Avatar
    No, let BP make a profit because they will need all the cash they can find to pay the damages of the Gulf spill.

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