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  1. First VA amberjack papers of the year!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishboy OV8 View Post
    did u go deep dropping a few days ago ??
    Hey Brian, we were supposewd to go deep dropping on monday with Dr Ike and Greg Allens family. We pulled out of the slip on a variable forcast then got smacked in the face with nne 20 to 25 when we pulled out of the inlet so no deep dropping for us on monday. We are offshore again tomorrow and IF I get a sat shot of that water behind the canyon being a little closer I'm gonna head that way and likely test the bottom after trolling.
  2. should we boycott BP fuel?

    Quote Originally Posted by BILL H View Post
    Why is BP against offshore drilling? This seems like an odd statement in light of today's Washington Post article that reports that BP is currently lobbying against further regulation of offshore drilling.

    And you can complain about the media coverage, but there is a lesson that was learned 60 years ago that could be paraphrased right here:

    "They first polluted Prince William Sound,
    and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Alaskan.

    Then they polluted

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