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  1. Gill nets south of Gwynns Island - 1st day of Rockfish Season

    A friend of mine and I tried to fish south of the hole in the wall (Gwynns Island) on Wednesday. It seemed that every inch of the shoreline was covered for five miles south with commercial gill netters to the point that is was difficult to navigate the shoreline. We managed to catch a few small fish, but it was a wonder that "any" fish could navigate around the endless line of nets. We wonder how long will the commercial gill net season last and who is in charge of regulating the use of the nets. ...
  2. 5th Annual Southside Boys & Girls Club Flounder Tourney July 18 in Virginia Beach

    Tanya Kaish Keller – event liaison
    [email protected]

    2015 Southside Boys & Girls Club Flounder Fishing Tourney
    Reels in funds to strengthen Club programs
    Anglers to make a difference for Club this July

    South Hampton Roads, Va. (April 10, 2015) – East Coast Repair and Fabrication presents the 2015 Southside Boys & Girls Club Flounder Fishing Tourney. ...
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  3. Jug, Markers, WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:*

    Quote Originally Posted by captrichie View Post
    1) Learn how to Get Out First: Cut your engines, tighten up your lines, reel those in that are not hooked.
    Then tighten up and drift over - that is back in the direction you came from. Give the lines still caught pull, but also enough time and slack and most will drop off the net, or pull off the net with a little encouragement. Rarely is the barb had time in engorge the twine itself. If your traveling WITH thee tide, it's the same , except that you hold it in reverse to steady your position
  4. Breaking: Feds Take Down Tilghman Island Gill Netters

    Quote Originally Posted by Cqaptain Crunch View Post
    Gee it is simple---- if a recreational angler takes 2 fish over what is allowed---and there are so many more R Anglers than Commercial Anglers, then the impact is significant. Reverse that and some greedy jerk cheats with G-Nets it is also significant. The long debate never changes--we depending on who we are blindley stick to their guns. Rockfish like all resources are finite !!! What I am sick of is the turf wars over a limited resource----and jerks no matter what side of the question.
  5. Available Trips for Rockfish Solomons

    Quote Originally Posted by BunkysCharters View Post
    We have weekend private charters available for Saturday November 2nd, Sunday November 10, Saturday November 23 and Sunday November 24. There is also availability Monday thru Friday. These fishing trips will be trolling for rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay.

    We offer a Trolling for Rockfish Head Boat.
    There are still some openings on the following dates:
    -Saturday November 2nd, 7am-1pm, 2 spots left
    -Thursday November 7th, 6am-Noon, 7 spots left
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