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  1. Gill nets south of Gwynns Island - 1st day of Rockfish Season

    A friend of mine and I tried to fish south of the hole in the wall (Gwynns Island) on Wednesday. It seemed that every inch of the shoreline was covered for five miles south with commercial gill netters to the point that is was difficult to navigate the shoreline. We managed to catch a few small fish, but it was a wonder that "any" fish could navigate around the endless line of nets. We wonder how long will the commercial gill net season last and who is in charge of regulating the use of the nets. ...
  2. Who will win the Steve Fogle Custom Rod and Shimano Sedona C3000 reel members.... don't forget to vote for the most notable catch from the leaderboard for the 2016 Ultimate Angler Tournament. UFG the awesome Steve Fogle custom rod and Shimano Sedona C3000 reel to the angler how has the most votes by February 28, 2017 at midnight. Also remember that the 2017 Ultimate Angler Tournament is retroactive from January 1, 2017 so get photos of your catches with rulers in place and enter them using the entry from for 2017.
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  3. Old Posts

    When do you think its time to remove a post? I think one year is a good time to leave a post up. Some of these post are over 7 years old. How about you clean house and give us something new to look at in the classified section.
    Thanks Cutter
  4. Brown Pelicans and Rock at the BB

    Quote Originally Posted by Vietpimp999 View Post
    When people talking around the rock piles ware they talking about the 2 rock piles under the bridge ? Thanks . Tommy
    When we talk about the “ROCK PILE” we are referring to the rocks that are at the main channel of the old bay bridge.
  5. Rock fiish.3

    Quote Originally Posted by Finprof View Post
    I could have posted the same report from Saturday. It was drop and reel on dinks two at a time. I had a teaser fly above a stingsilver and would have two dinks on as soon as it hit the water. There were several sets of breakers between St Michaels and Poplar and I had to stop and try at every one.

    Sunday it was looking like a storm so I stayed close to home and tried for perch since I had two not very experienced visitors who wanted to catch something. They got lots of perch from
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