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  • NORTH CAROLINA FISHING REPORTS: North Carolina Offshore Fishing and Inshore Fishing: Updated March, 3 2012

    Spring is upon us...and so is the great fishing that comes along with a change in the season. Read more to find out where and how NC anglers are getting on the fish
    Overall Summary for the region
    Ocean: Winter anglers catch plenty of yellowfin tuna, when conditions permit, along with a few wahoo and dolphin, to make for some good offshore action. Midrange anglers target striped bass and red drum during the winter season with moderate to good success. Find a regional fishing website that reports daily catches or contact a local tackle shop for up-to-date fishing reports.

    Oregon Inlet Fishing Center brings us these reports
    3/3/2012 Today we had one nearshore boat and one inshore boat go out. They both returned with large catches of dog sharks. The offshore boats did not go out today due to the weather.

    3/2/2012 We had a great day of fishing today. Two boats went fishing offshore and one boat returned with a 65 pound bluefin tuna, fifteen yellowfin tuna and three dolphin. They also had a bluefin tuna release. The second boat returned with a catch of eleven yellowfin tuna.

    2/27/2012 What a beautiful day for fishing! 2 offshore charters out today as well as an inshore light tackle charter. The offshore charters had some bluefin tuna action. They brought in 1 bluefin tuna and a few yellowfin tuna. The inshore charter went tile fishing and came back with a limit. We are glad the charters were able to make 2 days fishing without bad weather

    2/26/2012 Three boats went offshore fishing today. They returned with three bluefin tuna weighing 109 lbs, 149 lbs and 200 lbs. There were also five bluefin tuna releases. Three yellowfin tuna and two dolphin were also caught.

    2/25/2012 We did not have any boats go out today due to rough seas and wind.

    Inlets/Sounds/Bays: When weather permits, activity will be heavy with anglers targeting striped bass. They are often found throughout the Roanoke, Croatan and northern Pamlico sounds, especially near bridges or any other structure. There will also be some good winter catches of spotted seatrout and red drum. Good places to try include around the barrier islands and Oregon Inlet's Green Island Slough from pre-dawn to mid-morning hours.

    Piers/Beaches: Piers are currently closed, most will re-open around Easter. Beach anglers may have a tough time fishing this time of year due to rough surf and adverse weather, but once again, when conditions permit, some of the largest red drum and striped bass are taken from the surf. Bluefish blitzes can happen this time of year and offer anglers some short-term active fishing. Don’t forget about the possibility of some excellent speckled trout surf fishing this winter on the beaches from Rodanthe southward.

    Central North Carolina Tidal Waters Fishing Reports (Ocracoke Inlet to Surf City)
    Overall Summary for the region
    Ocean: There will be plenty of excellent fishing opportunities onboard charter boats during the winter. The central district has become home to North Carolina’s bluefin tuna fishery. Multiple hook-ups and multiple fish days are the norm rather than the exception. Another species that sometimes makes the winter scene in the Central area is striped bass. Striped bass are sometimes taken from Cape Lookout Shoals and other areas along the beach throughout the winter. Other offshore species such as king mackerel, yellowfin tuna and wahoo will also be available to Gulf Stream anglers. Bottom fishing for a variety of reef fish species is also excellent during the winter months. There are several headboats that operate throughout the year. Some of the best snapper and grouper catches occur during the winter, providing a quality fishing experience. Extended/overnight fishing trips are also offered. Bluefin tuna trips have also been offered in the past. Private boat anglers will enjoy many of the same opportunities as those mentioned for charter boat anglers. Near-shore bluefin tuna fishing should be excellent. Those fishing offshore will have access to excellent catches of king mackerel.

    Capt. Joe Shute's Bait and Tackle Report in Atlantic Beach reported on March 2 that the wahoo fishing and blackfin tuna fishing is still continuing to be very good. Very nice size blackfin tuna up to 35 lbs are still being caught.* Wahoo have been in the 40 to 60 lb range as well.* There have also still been some nice dolphin and a few sailfish caught.* Inshore I have been seeing more red drum and the speckled trout fishing is continuing to pick up as well.*If the weather patterns continue it looks like we should experience a early spring fishing season.* This should be very good for our spring cobia season.* The cobia fishing should start to pick up as early as mid* to late April.* This cobia fishing season could be very profitable for cobia fishermen.*

    Inlets/Sounds/Bays: The speckled trout fishing was excellent this fall in the central district. A good winter fishery is in the making. Newly established striped bass fishing on the shoals of Cape Lookout will also be a favorite. Inside, the creeks of the White Oak, New, Neuse, Bay, Pamlico and Pungo rivers will offer occasional excellent speckled trout fishing. Good catches of speckled trout were already being reported in the fall from Bay River, Campbell’s Creek and other central area tributaries. Do a little research before going, this is a specialized fishery. You might want to consider a local guide. This will greatly improve your opportunity to get on the fish.

    Piers/Shore: Most piers are closed for the season. Some may allow access, but catches will be limited. Shore fishing activity will be limited.

    Southern North Carolina Tidal Waters Fishing Reports (Surf City to North Carolina line)
    Ocean Isle Fishing Center Brings Us These Reports
    3/02/2012 Trout are still hanging around...Here is nice photo of one*caught in just a few minutes of running the boat. Redfish need to be targeted around the lower tides. Water temperature is near 60 degrees and a few flounder should start to wake up. Full moon is next week, Thursday the 8th. I would expect great fishing action on March 7th. Good Luck! See ya on the water!
    -- Capt. Jacob Frick

    2/29/2012 Got my boat back on the water after a little cleaning and service. I worked a couple of areas over quickly and picked up a couple of trout. Had other obligations today, so I could not make a day of it. After taking care of my honey to*do list...I finally finished editing a video and have gotten it*on our youtube channel. I hope you enjoy the entertainment and it gets you excited for the upcoming season. It looks like it could be a very early start this year. Small fry are extremely thick in the natural canals and I hope that is a sign that mullet minnows will show early this year.*The water temperature was at 58 degrees today and*looking at the future*weather pattern, I don't see that changing anytime soon. Lining up*the falling tide is still*going to be the best time to go right now. Getting the most benefit of warmer water draining off the shallow flats. Good luck out there! See ya on the water!
    -- Capt. Jacob Frick

    Overall Summary for the Region
    Ocean: Anglers on private and charter boats enjoy some of the best bottom fishing and king mackerel fishing of the year during the winter months. Frying Pan Tower normally holds lots of king mackerel. Look for bait and water temperature around 70 degrees. There may also be great fishing, in these same areas, for groupers, sea bass, porgies and other various bottom fish. Bluefin tuna are another option during the winter months. Ledges around the shoals such as the Fairway Ledge and the Cucumber are good places to look for one.

    Inlets/Sounds/Bays: If the weather is not too cold, speckled trout and red drum fishing can be good during the winter months. Look for the trout around the inlets and the drum in the bays and up in the back of the creeks. Striped bass fishing in the Cape Fear River is another option for wintertime fishing.

    Piers/Shore: Most piers are closed for the season. Some may allow access, but catches will be limited.

    See you on the water,
    Bryce Butner
    Tidal Fish North Carolina Associate Editor

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