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  • Maryland Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report updated June 19 2014

    In the upper bay in and around the mouth of the Susquehanna River and into the Susquehanna Flats white perch fishing has been good along with the summer largemouth. You can find striped bass in early mornings and evenings mostly along the shorelines and drop offs. Mid day heat has these fish going deeper and harder to find.

    The middle bay appears to be where all the hot fishing action can be found in Marylandís Chesapeake
    Bay this week. Capt. Pete from Four Seasons Guide Service reported that he moved his boat up to Deale, MD this past week because of the slower fishing in Marylandís lower Chesapeake. He said that all the Stripers have moved up to the portion of the bay from Poplar island north to Rock Hall or so. Of course Stripers are in other places but the numbers of fish are definitely north from where he likes to fish.

    He said that it does not look like a good year for Speckled Sea Trout this year which is a bummer because the last few years have been pretty good. There are some trout around, but not enough to count on. Capt. Pete said, ďSoÖÖstripers and blues are what we will be catching on light tackle for a bit. The waters out of Point Lookout can certainly produce some exotic stuff like small Cobia some Reds and who knows what else. Stripers arenít in those waters with any consistancy. Iíve been fishing structure from Sharps Island north to well above the bay bridge. Iíve caught fish recently at the bay bridge pilings and deep water from Deale, Bloody Point and areas north of the bay bridge. Today the hot ticket was jigging aggresively in swarms of menhaden. Throwing on the edges of a big school of menhaden, letting the bait get down 30′ or so and then working it back to the boat aggressively. No big numbers but some darn good fish. Usually I can see fish in and around the schools of menhaden on the fish finder. Some schools of menhaden held stripers today and some didnít. Had to keep moving and working pods of bait. On other days Iíve seen fish suspended in water 35′ to 90′ deep. The fish are usually 20′-40′ down. Jigging on these fish can be tough for sure. Trolling many rods by the charters and large rec. boats is certainly producing good numbers of fish in this condition.

    Early mornings on some shallow structure can certainly produce some good stuff. Recently Iíve had Stripers up to 30″ and many Bluefish on some structure southeast of Deale, MD. Shouldnít be long and we should see more breaking fish. Breakers are always a welcomed site while light tackle slingíin!Ē

    Capt Pete runs a lot of walk onís so if you are up for some fishing one day give him a buzz and reserve your spot at 703-395-9955 .

    Pictured this week is Tidal Fisher Zags with a nice striper caught south of Thomas Point Lighthouse. He said the trolling pattern has not let up for him and he is still finding some nice stripers like the one pictured. Check his full fishing report and other pictures of his crew with some nice fish.

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