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  • Virginia Fishing Report - Updated Nov 8, 2015

    Specks, striped bass and wahoo make the news this week.

    Fellow Tidal Fisher vtrescue reported from the Northern Neck, Looked like the weekend was going to be a bust. Rain was supposed to start at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning and there was supposed to be a small craft advisory on Sunday. Woke up about 8 a.m. on Saturday and there was
    no rain the revised forecast now said rain starting at 11 a.m.

    Left out of the G.Wicomico and saw a whole lotta nothing.... no bait no fish and no birds. Rode out to the Northern Neck reef and found a couple of charter boats and others chumming. Trolled the area and caught4 fish, all on Chartreuse Stretch 25's. 2 keepers 20-22 inches. Tried to beat the rain coming in...failed miserably,

    Sunday afternoon it finally looked like it was laying down. I headed out solo about 2pm. It was rougher than I realized but I slowly made my way to the reef. Started trolling and then mother nature's fish finders showed up. Chased birds and fish for the next hour, caught 2 keepers and several throw backs jigging. I'd rather be lucky than good....
    Check his full fishing report on the Northern Neck Fishing Forum

    Capt Ken Neill reported that there are a lot of small speckled trout around. They’re averaging around 10 inches long. Though not much to catch now, if we can get these fish to live through the winter, there will be some good speck fishing next fall. There are some larger specks around but catching a keeper fish is a challenge. Striped bass are in a similar state with a lot of small, too-small-to-keep, striped bass around. The specks and small stripers are providing a lot of fun up in the creeks and inlets around any dock with a light on it at night. More keeper-sized striped bass are showing in the middle bay and in the York and James Rivers. Big striped bass are still to our north but a few nicer fish to 40 inches have been caught at the CBBT.

    Anglers trying for striped bass at the James River crossings at night are finding hordes of small bluefish to get through. It is time to start looking for large bluefish 20-30 miles off of the coast. Wrecks in that same distance are holding sea bass, triggerfish, and flounder. Tautog are active on wrecks closer to shore and inside the bay. The tog bite is good at the CBBT and the Cape Henry Wreck. There are still some big red drum around though most have moved down to the Outer Banks.

    Offshore anglers have been catching good numbers of wahoo along with some tuna. Tuna catches should improve as the wahoo bite wanes. Overnight boats are encountering swordfish. Bottom fishing offshore is good with sea bass, tilefish and some grouper being caught.

    Pictured this week is Tidal Fisher Sanflea with some stripers caught in the Northern Neck area. Check the thread for the full fishing report and more pictures.

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