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  • Maryland Fishing Report - Updated Dec 4, 2015

    I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and from the looks of fishing reports on the Maryland forum it looks like anglers managed to get out and catch some fish.

    Big stripers are back in decent numbers. Capt. Greg Shute reported that he has been doing well trolling managing to land fish to over 40 inches. He ran a trip today (Friday and said he had a banner day first trolling and then jigging 10" BKDs on suspended and bottom fish to low 30" range. Check out his latest fishing report with pictures on the Maryland Forum.

    Pictured this week is fellow Tidal Fisher Zags with a huge 47" striped bass landed while fishing with Capt. Greg Shute from iFishMD.

    Capt Tom Hughes has been having similar luck light tackle fishing the middle portion of Maryland's Chesapeake. He hit the bay earlier this week despite the foggy conditions and found fish a large channel holding in 30-70 feet of water. They were mainly jigging spoons. Capt. Tom explains the most productive jigging technique in his fishing report.

    Capt. Skip reported that he had not been out lately, but managed to get out the other day fishing out of Sandy Point saying that fellow TFer REM 1224 ( Ralph ) met him and had bad news from the start. He could not find any bloodworms - our plan was to run SE to a favorite late fall Perch hole.

    Neither of us had been out recently so we discussed where to go. Ran due east - idea to check out the eastern rockpile. Only few boats working it - surprised with it being a nice Saturday. We had a nice steady bite on " metal " - Sting silvers in various colors from Marty's. These have a single feather hook - I mash it down due to large number of under 20 inch fish being caught.

    Bottom lure is what they look like after a day of fishing.
    The fish were in 4-5 areas and each boat drifted over them. Ralph got a nice 10 inch Perch - tossed it in cooler for my Black Lab Ruckus. Current was outgoing and we fished until it slowed. Just like a switch being thrown - bite dropped off. Did manage one nice 23 inch keeper out of a mess of under size ones.

    We went to look around a piling with side scan where a friend recently hung an anchor. Nothing jumped out as a possible hang but we did locate a very interesting object a few pilings away from it. Water temp. is 53* - below what I like to go diving in - so it will have to wait until spring. Water is really clear - just too cold for my gear. Dove this time of year before and learned my lesson - brrrrrr.

    Got back before the 4:45 cut off - Christmas light display requires boaters to be out by that time. Had a fun , easy day of fishing - sometimes they are the best ones. Finished off the night with more heavy metal - this time from the band.

    In Maryland's lower Chesapeake Capt. Walleye Pete reported that he has been fishing non-stop out of Buzzes Marina with great success. He said, The mouth of the Potomac River up to Hooper Straights has been great. Every day is different but one thing seems for sure, great numbers of big fish are hitting our lures every day. He been light tackle jigging and slinging top water plugs and managing stripers north of 30" on a regular basis.

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