Fishing Fly Fishing How to Fishing and Fishing Reports at Tidal Fish - Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports: NY, NJ, RI, MASS, CT, MA and NH Fishing Reports: Updated August 23, 2009
  • Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports: NY, NJ, RI, MASS, CT, MA and NH Fishing Reports: Updated August 23, 2009

    New York Fishing Reports, New Jersey Fishing Reports, conniticut fishing reports, Cape Cod Fishing Reports, Marthas Vineyard Fishing Reports, nantucket Fishing reportsWell it looks like we got pretty lucky with hurricane Bill staying just far enough offshore to not cause too much damage. While we have had some high surf forecasts along the entire Northeast coast, all and all I would say we were pretty lucky and it should not effect the fishing all too much.

    Fishing along the northeast coast this week is spotty for striped bass, but there are plenty of bluefish reported if you are looking for a good pull on your fly rod along with some good reports of bonita falling for a fly. There are also some strong reports of bluefin being caught on light tackle and the fly rod, if you hook one, hold on! Check the full fishing reports for details on what is going on from New Jersey to Maine...
    (pictured is
    on of Capt. Phil Cronin's clients with a nice bluefin fishing from out of Martha’s Vineyard)

    Northeast Saltwater Fisheries News

    This week the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) released a Draft Addendum proposing to allow unused coastal commercial quota of striped bass to be rolled over from one year to the next. I am told that this does not create a change in the scientific model of a healthy population, but I am left still asking what if we have a low spawning year and the quota from the previous year is rolled over allowing more of a harvest, don’t this have a snowball effect on the population in a negative way? Read more and comment here .

    Northeast Saltwater Fishing Reports
    *note the northeast fishing reports work their way up the coast from south to north starting with New Jersey.

    New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Capt. Byan DiLio from Iowa Fortune Guide Service fishing in and around Ocean City and Atlantic City reported in:
    The past week was a short one but dished up good action for Albies, Skippies, and Dorado offshore. The week was cut short for me as hurricane Bill made its way up the coast. In preparation for running offshore I made a bait run in to the back country and it was like a bait minestrone which will translate into what looks to be an explosive upcoming fall. On the right tides brief glimpses into the future months ahead can be seen with large schools of Peanut bunker, Rain bait, Mullet  balling up triggering mini blitzes through out the shallows which is now a daily occurrence. September is always an interesting transitional time in the shallows when an all out Bass blitz will blow up right in front of your eyes. This action combined with the lack of summer boat traffic often allows us the ability to stay on top of Bass for unlimited amounts of time and some very fast paced action. As far as the offshore scene I have been spending my time taking advantage of the picture perfect ocean conditions prior to hurricane Bill. With the calm winds through out last week it offered a good opportunity for a smooth run offshore for some quality run and gun Dorado (Dolphin) action along with some good peligic side action. The bite was hot all week long with double digit catches each trip.  Each run offered up Dorado in the 7-12 .lb range and very willing to take both flies as well as artificials on light tackle. The week started out with quantity and ended with quality when we sight fished for the Bull Dolphins among the schools of smaller fish as they work into a frenzy boat side. This type of offshore action should stick with us though October. Until next week...

    The Beach Haven Charter Boat Association reported in from Beach Haven:

    As the ocean water temperatures near 80-degrees, the fishing for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association has been heating up.

    Captain Adam Nowalsky of the “Karen Ann II” out of Great Bay Marina reports water temperatures in the upper 70’s and a mixed bag of fish as a result. He reports lots of action on sea bass, fluke, triggerfish, and small blues along with some stories of good sized mahi-mahi, cobia, and big brown sharks.

    Recent trips on the “Karen Ann II” included the Caruth family of Royersford, Pa., who saw birthday boy Brandon celebrate his 11th with a triggerfish and bluefish. The Bujak family of Drexel Hill, Pa. had a fair catch of sea bass to 2-pounds along with a 20-inch fluke. Bill Bruner had a trip with sea bass to 3 pounds and a 22-inch fluke.

    Captain Adam’s other trips included the Salisbury House Group of Pottstown, Pa, the Holman Auto Group of Maple Shade, and the Sutphen family of Somerville who all found action on a mix of sea bass and fluke.

    Captain Frank Camarda on the “Miss Beach Haven” reports decent fishing over the weekend despite problems getting a good drift going. On Saturday there were a lot of fluke caught with a keeper ratio of 10-1. The pool winner was “Pizza Pete” from Mystic Island with a 5.5-pound sea bass. Sunday was more of the same with Mike Emers the high hook with 5 keeper fluke, and William Post the pool winner with a 4.5-pound fluke.

    Captain George Finck of “Sparetime Charters” had a nice combination of inshore and offshore fishing trips last week. One day he had the Laird family of Nebraska out for a good catch of fluke and sea bass. They also trolled up 20 bluefish. Another day he had his son Steve and grandson Eric out in the ocean for a nice catch of small fluke and sea bass. Both the flies and fish were biting.

    Then on Friday he took Ken Lieb and friends out on a canyon trolling trip. They returned with four nice yellowfin tuna along with four 20-pound class mahi-mahi. On Sunday Captain George was back inshore with Milan and Elliott Indrisek for a good catch of sea bass and fluke. Young Elliot topped the day with a 22-inch fluke.

    Captain Lindsay Fuller had a canyon trip on the “June Bug” Monday consisting of all lawyers including a justice on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. They left prior to midnight Sunday night and were fishing by 4:30.  They had small yellowfin tuna immediately at 100 fathoms, but there were only 3 keepers out of the 10 caught. Despite their size they hit hard and fought like bigger fish.

    New York Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Capt. David Blinken of North Flats Guide Service fishing out of East Hampton, NY reported in:

    Brandon,We are in the duldrums! The bass fishing has thinned out considerably. When there is an incoming tide the bass are there otherwise the blues are the maine attraction. For the first time this season there have been birds over large areas of feeding fish (blues). This has made for some very exciting popper flyfishing. Hopefully within the next two weeks we will see the first albies. The water will probably not be very fishable with the hurricane off our shores. I saw six foot breakers all the way into the  bay and the shallow water areas are totally blown out. I think by Tuesday or Wednesday things will clear up until then I'll be tending my garden.

    Nwe York Saltwater FishingCapt Brendan Mccarthy from Urban Fly Guides checked in with this report from in and around the New York City area:

    Hey Brandon- Have had a really fun week. The usual August pattern is playing out. Get out at first light, spend about an hour catching Bass and bluefish, saying all the while "we are not gonna run all over hell looking for what is most likely not there, namely tunoids" and then deciding in about 30 seconds to go burn 40 gallons of gas. Well, after about 200 gallons I have yet to see a Bonito, but have seen lots of  Whales, Shark, Dolphin and Bluefin!! Sometimes 300 in each school and perfect catching size, 30 to 80 pounds. I cant help myself...just can’t. Catching them just makes it worse. Sure did make for some fine Sashimi. unfortunately I was called away to Seattle to speak at a club and hope the storm doesn't muck things up...
    Connecticut Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Capt. Sandy Noyes from Rum Runner Guide Service reported in from in and around Stonington:

    The Bonito fishing had been pretty good through last Monday and then they disappeared. There is still plenty of bait around but they had other plans. On the good side we have had a significant increase in striped bass and bluefish to ten pounds.  We also had a large whale come through on Monday less than a half mile off the Rhode Island beaches.
    Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Capt. Mike Duclos from Tiderunner Charters reported in from Long Island Sound from the Watch Hill reefs of Rhode Island to Orient Point, New York area:

    If your desire is to catch Stripers the name of the game now is EARLY; first light and again at the end of the day are the best times to find our striped friends. The Bluefish continue to be fairly predictable with some good fish mixed in with the 2# and 3# fish that are schooling. If this storm that is heading up the coast doesn't do to much damage to the waters we should start to see more Bonito in the near future. Lots of bait in the ponds and breachways; looks like things are shaping up to be a good fall season, lets hope the weather is kind. Spent a day on a Berkshire stream with good friend and guide Jim Dowd, he fishes the Deerfield and many other rivers in his area a true western styled float trip. We hiked down a stream for over a mike and fished a crystal clear, cool mountain stream with 2weights and dry flies. Each pool contained several native, wild brookies that attacked the dry's like bluefish on poppers. Well guys its time to think about what comes next and that is Albies, do I need to say more?Tight lines to all and have a great week.

    Rhode Island Salwater FishingCast a Fly Charters skipper, Capt. Ray Stachelek reports from RI:

    Overrun by bluefish!  That’s the current story at Block Island during this oppressive heat wave that’s hit the region.  Every rock pile, mound, and ledge has five to eight pound yellow eyes willing to steal your bait. If you’re an eel fishermen, it can get expensive. Frustrating too! How frustrating is it?  They never seem to get to the hook for an angler to at least enjoy a fight. What is left is just the head and a look of dismay on ones face.  To makes matters worse, an eel with wrap itself around the mono leader from time to time. You get nothing back but a frayed line. More donations!

    Striper fishing has really slowed. It could rebound with a few cooler nights. Surface temperatures around the island have reached the 70 degree mark. That explains the influx of bluefish. We tried fishing several hours before sunrise for some stripers with no luck. Nothing but blues again.  The summer is rapidly slipping by. Sunrises are now after 6:00am.

    Sand eels continue to be a mystery. Two weeks ago they had the island surrounded by the millions.  They have more or less disappeared since the electrical storm activity. Bonito sightings are down. That correlates to the lack of smaller bait around.  Sea bass and scup fishing are at their peak right now. We caught a good size sea bass on an eel, believe it or not?

    Nino Cambareri and friend Joe vacationed in Newport this week with some family. They were able to get away for a mornings outing at the Block. Nino has a passion for being outdoors. He works a full week outside. Beside that his others interest are boating/fishing and hunting. It seems that the only time he’s inside, is to sleep.

    Joe, on the other hand loves golf.  When it comes to fishing he’s a novice. Blame Nino for Joe to catch the bug. Joe now knows what the phrase, “striking while the iron is hot means.”  While Nino is enjoying a good fight, Joe is left with line management problems. It’s very frustrating Joe, but we have all gone thru it. It’s part of the learning curve. They caught a combination of striper, bluefish, sea bass, and scup. 

    Nino proudly holds a nice middle weight Block Island striper in the picture.

    Phil Philbin with friend Lou and families have been vacationing in the area of Scarborough this week. What a great beach week for the family. Unfortunately, the warm steamy weather has impacted fishing. We headed out toward the island an hour and a half before sunrise. We were determined to increase the window of opportunity during the slow summer months of fishing. Unfortunely it didn’t help us catch any stripers.  We were overrun by bluefish everywhere we drifted.  We circled the island is search for linesiders, but none could be found.

    Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Capt. Phil Cronin from Capawock Charters out of Martha’s Vineyard send us this report:

    Not Much Happening During the Third Week in August…
     Every experienced Northeast angler knows that there comes a week in August when not much happens. The third week of this August was just that sort of period i.e., SLOW FISHING. With the water temps mostly in the plus 70 degree range and the ocean speedsters not quite prevalent among the inshore areas, there has been little excitement. Even the arriving bones have simmered down to almost a standstill the last couple of days. The best I’ve had to offer this past week has been some feeble attempts at lassoing bonito after which a little blue fishing was in order. It definitely was a lackluster week.

    On the plus side was the opportunity to get offshore and do some tuna fishing. I had such an opportunity on Tuesday, August 18 when Captain Bob Clay invited me to head out to the shipping lanes with him and the highly regarded shore fishing guide, Ron Domurat. It was a wonderful day out there on his 30’ Contender, “Bonehead”, as perfect conditions prevailed. What a fantastic boat. Although the fishing turned out mostly slow, we did manage to boat a yellow fin and mahi-mahi. Offshore fishing is not my bag but with those two guys as my mentors I learned a great deal and can’t wait to seize another chance to get out to the blue waters off the Vineyard’s south shore.

    News of Note… Albies have been spotted within close proximity to Vineyard Sound. It should not be long until these rod breakers start showing up in targetable numbers. With all the bait around the island we expect a good albie season. Get ready for the Little Tunny action.
    Capt. Alan Hastbacka from Got Stryper Guide Service out of Chatham, Mass reports in:

    I have had engine trouble this week starting last weekend.  The compressor went down till and I'm down till probably today or Monday.   But back to the fishing.  I still have been on the water almost every day.  The fishing on the south side has been so so.  There are some fish, and some might even called it good from day to day, but what happens in June and July here is really something special.  It is hard to compare, but there are fish around on the start of these bigger tides.  I haven't heard of any size to the fish, but it is a mix of small blues and keeper bass to 32".  I saw mainly blues on my last charter before my engine went down.  On the other hand the tuna fishing has been pretty good.  We were fishing blues in hopes for a market fish.  Day one resulted in having a 350-500lb fish come up and crash the bait.  We didn't hook up, but in the process we saw a kayaker fly by out in the middle of the shipping lane.  The man was trolling horse ballys and hooked a fish 1 mile off the beach.  No he was 7 miles from land hooked on a monster.  He hooked it at 830, and was close to 1015 by the time we saw him.  We asked if he was in needed any help.  First he said no, but 15 minutes later he couldn't hold the rod any longer, and he ended up coming boatside and taking a break.  We passed the rod for the next two hours and finally broke him off at 1215.  This fish was a monster.  At almost the 4 hour mark it took a run like it was never hooked.  Day two we were back out at the same spot.  8:30 our blue fish got nailed on the balloon.  We got the kite bait in and got right on the fish.  It never really took a monster run but dogged us more than anything.  25 mintues later we had a mid 60inch fish boatside and had to release it.  I never would have though that a non market fish would have been able to get a 5lb blue down.  Kinda shocked.
    Cape Cod Saltwater Fishing ReportsCapt. Joe LeClair from North Eastern Anglers fishing out of Cape Cod reports:

    Fishing for Striped Bass continues to be strong. I think the fall run has started, no maybe this is the end of the fresh spring fish still showing up, I don't know. I have also been catching the big blues we get at this time of year and Bonito. I have been fishing for Bluefin Tuna with the larger spinning gear and 15 weight fly rod ~ these fish are HUGE. Gitty Up !!!

    Capt. Lynne Heyer of Cross Rip Outfitters reported in from Nantucket with this report:
    This week has been up and down on the fishing. The Bonito Bar has not been consistent this week at all. It seems to be hit or miss. I can seem to catch one or two a day but that is not that great. With the weather coming through this weekend we are all crossing our fingers that we will be spared by the Hurricane. It sounds like we will get some wind and rain. The report from Great Point is that the Blues were really good today. There have been a few more Bonito landed up there this week also from the beach and by boat. The Striper fishing has been pretty tough this week. Seen a bunch but could not get them to eat. That is the report for today. Not great but not too bad either!
    New Hampshire Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Nothing this week.

    Maine Saltwater Fishing Reports
    Capt. Eric Wallace of Coastal Fly Angler send us this report:
    Is it post heat wave or pre storm or Just better tides? I'm betting all three but would place my favorite crab pattern on the tides, if I where a
    betting man. What ever the reason the fish have been much more snappy the last few trips for us, after a period where our water hit 74 degrees and it just seemed that every fish would just follow, for the beach anglers or
    folks throwing off a lower casting deck it would seem the fish had moved out deep but, Guiding from and poling platform and having a casting platform on my flats skiff we where seeing thing that drove us nuts, changing flies fishing 12 ft  8 lb leaders to 35 inch fish on and on just follows then we hit on area that we found some fish that where snappy and would eat anything we threw at them much more fun for my anglers. Then came better tides and the fish have been a little easier every where fish the last few days but still a very short A.M  window, and looking forward the weather will cool and with the big tides 11 plus ft the next few days we will get the water cooled a bit as well. There is tons of bait hanging near the shore line flats and the outer island sand flats have sand eels all over them, Fish early and get your fly to any swirl quickly and for you guys that have not figured it out yet??? stealth is key you can not run you motor all over the flats in Casco Bay or any where right now, and expect to catch fish these fish are so well feed the last thing they need to do is eat our artificials, pole use a trolling motor or drift but if other anglers are up on the mud or sand flats give them tons of space and turn your [email protected]#*ing motors off!!!!

    That wraps it up for this week.  If you are interested in an archive of all the past Northeast Fishing reports you can find then here . Now stop reading and get out this week and catch some fish!

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