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    Published on 11-02-2015 01:41 PM
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    Anyone that has been around Tidal Fish for any length of time knows that I've been an advocate for the conservation of menhaden. They are one of the backbones of the bay that fish and birds rely to survive. The more forage fish we have, the better the ecosystem and better fishing and crabbing we have in the bay.

    The fight to save menhaden has been a long one. While I'm not that old yet, I look back and realize that we have been been fighting the fight for over a decade. We made some progress. With increased pollution in the bay the need to preserve these forage fish becomes even more important.

    Last week there was an important ASMFC meeting where ...
    by Published on 07-24-2015 06:33 PM
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    A memo released by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council staff on revised the earlier recommended flounder/fluke cuts downward from 43 percent to 25 percent for 2016.

    In making the revision, the Council staff recognized the substantial negative impact such a reduction would have on the recreational and commercial fisheries, the seafood industry and markets and fishing communities they support.

    In the memo, the staff said that the fisheries for summer flounder would not be able to effectively absorb such a large reduction in the acceptable biological catch (ABC) in one year. Such a cut would have a devastating effect on local charter and party boats, bait and tackle shops and recreational ...
    Published on 07-20-2015 06:55 PM
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    by Craig Ritchie

    One expects to see new technologies introduced at the world's largest fishing tackle trade show, and manufacturers did not disappoint with numerous new rod and reel introductions at ICAST, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from July 15 to 17, 2015.

    Leading the way from Abu Garcia are the company's new Revo MGX spinning reels. A new AMGearing system uses finely tuned machined gears cut ...
    Published on 07-17-2015 07:15 PM
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    by Craig Ritchie

    From tackle boxes to high performance rain suits, tackle manufacturers have pulled out all the stops with an incredible range of new products unveiled this week at the ICAST fishing tackle trade show, held in Orlando, Florida.

    Plano exhibited a number of new tackle boxes, including a Women's Series of soft-sided tackle bags and a new M Series that includes a Hydro-Flow hanging bait bag that will appeal to muskie anglers and professional guides

    The Women's Series of soft bags ...

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