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    2013 Advertising on Tidal Fish

    Thank you for your interest in advertising with Founded in 2001, with roots going back to 1996, we are one of the largest recreational fishing sites on the Internet. We have over 63,000 registered members, on average receive over 317,600 visits a month, our visitors stay on the site over eleven minutes per session and view over eight pages per visit.

    Tidal Fish truly is a "community" of dedicated anglers who converse on our fishing forums posting thousands of fishing reports, fishing pictures, and fishing tips and techniques monthly. We have an in-house editorial staff who produce fishing articles covering saltwater, freshwater, fly fishing, and fisheries conservation. We feature fishing news, have a very active and full Calendar of Events as well as a Classified Ads section featuring used fishing boats, fishing tackle, electronics and other fishing and boating categories.

    Tidal Fishers get together outside the website for Tidal Fish fishing tournaments, fishing trips, crab feasts, lead pouring and tackle making parties and casual in-prompt-to meetings. This camaraderie among members develops dedicated Tidal Fishers which leads to supporting companies that support the site.


    Platinum Site wide Sponsor

    This is our highest level of sponsorship. It offers your logo at the top of the site located to lower right of the Tidal Fish logo and links directly to your site. It includes your company in all correspondence from the Tidal Fish site to members.

    This level of sponsorship requires a year long commitment. Inquire for pricing.

    Banner Advertising
    We offer site wide advertising via a 728x90 banner that appears on all pages on Banner placement at the bottom of all the pages is priced on a $1.25 cpm pricing schedule. Pricing for a premium placement at the very top of the site is $3.50 cpm

    Fishing Forum Sponsorship
    We offer sponsorship on our fishing forums that appear above the fold. Pricing is based on a yearly basis per forum; prices differ depending on the particular forum.

    The spots are sold in 100 pixel wide sections on a yearly basis. For our highest traffic forums (Maryland Fishing Forum, Virginia Fishing Forum, Northern Neck Fishing Forum, Mid Atlantic Offshore Fishing Forum and Mid Atlantic Inshore Fishing Forum):
    • 100 pixel wide banner/area is $1200/year
    • 200 pixel wide banner/area is $1750/year
    • 300 pixel wide banner/area is $2,250/year

    If you sponsor more then one forum we offer a discount.

    All other forums:

    • 100 pixel wide banner/area is $779/year.
    • 200 pixel wide banner/area is $999/year

    If you sponsor more then one forum we offer a discount.

    Fishing Forum Sticky
    We offer a text form of advertising that is incorporated into the actual forum itself. The message is pinned to the top of the fishing forum in the post index. This is a perfect option for: for sale items (such as boats, used fishing tackle etc,) Charter Captains/Guides looking to fill upcoming dates, Tournament Announcements, and Event Announcements. Because the message is pinned to the top of the forum it insures your ad will be seen and likely read.

    This is also an excellent option for companies looking to get feedback on a product or service as it allows (should you choose) Tidal Fishers to post comments, ask questions and/or provide feedback and allows you to answer questions or ask others in the thread. The form of advertising also allows you to incorporate a poll where you can collect feedback in a formal way.

    • $55/week per message board for for-profits
    • $25/week for non-profits.
    • Bulk buys are available: four or more weeks is $40/week, eight or more is $30/week.

    Prepayment is required.

    Fishing Reports Sponsorship
    We provide weekly fishing reports written by Tidal Fish Staff and Correspondents. These reports are located on the homepage under the Fishing Report section and receive a great amount of exposure.
    Rates are $1200/year.

    Newsletter Advertising
    We send a monthly email newsletter to members. Our list size fluctuates monthly due to new members joining and members opting out of the newsletter, old email addresses being cleaned from our list etc. The list size on average is over 25,000.

    We offer several options ranging from feature advertisements that have prime placement and include a large image and text, to simple text ads with a few lines for a description. Both options include links to your site or a specific page on your site and give you an opportunity to let Tidal Fishers know about your company, product and/or service.

    Newsletter rates

    • Simple text linked ad: $50/per mailing
    • Full Featured ad: $150/per mailing. Only one per newsletter. Includes graphic and text in a prime location above the fold in the newsletter

    Fishing Forums Site-Wide Announcement
    This option allows you to assure that all Tidal Fishers, regardless of the forum they visit, see your advertisement. The ad is text based and appears every time a Tidal Fisher logs on to the fourms. This offers site wide exposure.

    The weekly rate is $150/week and monthly $450/month.

    Commercial Subscription

    If you are a regular contributor on Tidal Fish a Commercial Subscription could greatly benefit you. Learn more about the three levels of commercial subscriptions Tidal Fish offers.

    Member Discount Program
    We offer Tidal Fish members discounts from fishing manufacturers, fishing tackle shops, online fishing tackle shops, and other businesses of interest to Tidal Fish members.

    Rates are $1500/year. (Year long commitment banner advertisers rate is $599/year).
    This gives you your logo (275x125 pixel max size), business description and link in our Subscribers Forum, on our Subscription Page and in other areas were we promote the member discount. You must offer at least a 5% discount to members or like value offer to qualify for this sort of sponsorship.

    We appreciate your interest in advertising on We welcome the opportunity to share your company, product or service with Tidal Fishers.

    Discounts are available for all long term advertising commitments in any of our advertising options. To sign up as an advertiser or for questions please contact [email protected]

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