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  • About Us (Tidal Fish) was started in 2001 by Brandon White (aka Chief Angler). What Tidal Fish is today originated from many journeys up the river in search of just the right mix of salinity and water temperature to find that perfect spawning bed.

    Brandon kicked off his entrepreneur journey originally coming up with the idea of creating a “fishing company” back in early 1995 that would produce media geared towards fishing, fishing tackle and clothing for the Chesapeake angler.

    Due to lack of funds to get this big idea off the ground Brandon recognized that not only was there nothing on the internet like he imagined for the interactive portion of the plan, but also that the internet could be the low cost entry point to get the idea up and running.

    One minor problem stood in his way, he did not know how to create a web page. At the time (1995) Brandon was working on his first Masters degree at Washington College and ran into a guy in the computer lab. They stuck up a friendship and the combination of Brandon’s fishing prowess and this guy’s computer savvy combined with their entrepreneurial instincts made for just the right team to get a site called the Chesapeake Angler up and running in early 1996.

    The idea was to create a site that could bring together all anglers to share their fishing ideas, techniques, reports and just general fishing banter; what we now call a social networking site. All to often in the past fishing world anglers using different methods would usually stay to themselves and only share information, insight and reports with their small group of fishing friends in immediate area where they fished. There is so much to be learned from each others’ fishing experiences and techniques that can be used to improve each of our fishing skills; the light tackle anglers can learn from the anglers who troll, the light tackle anglers can learn from the fly anglers and the fly guys can learn from those that use bait and vice-versa.

    So with the help, support and belief in Brandon from many well known and experienced fishing guides, writers and fisherman from around the Chesapeake Bay region he launched Chesapeake Angler in 1996. The site grew fast with the support of a great group of anglers and Brandon recognized they were onto something.

    Brandon had a bigger vision and the site was re-named Worldwide Angler with the idea of replicating what they had created for the Chesapeake for the rest of the fishing world. The site grew fast along with the growth of the internet and riding that momentum the company raised three rounds of funding from a great group of investors, put together a great dedicated team and set out to build the largest fishing site on the internet.

    They did just that, but unfortunately ran out of time as the markets collapsed in late 2000/early 2001 and the company had to be closed after five long years, a lot of money and thousands of hours of work from not only the Worldwide Angler team, but the Board of Directors, investors and all the great anglers that supported the site.

    One of the Board of Directors summed it up when he said, “Sometimes great ideas do not work not because of lack of execution or lack of a good product, it is simply a matter of bad timing.” Sound advice from a wise business person, but certainly a hard reality for all those that worked so hard to swallow.

    Brandon's journey on how to become an entrepreneur almost came to an end, but his entrepreneurial zeal (plain stubbornness or craziness) he decided to set out again to build a fishing company. He bought back some of the assets of Worldwide Angler and launched Tidal Fish in the middle of 2001. Since 2001 Tidal Fish has grown at an amazing pace with the help and support of many visitors, sponsors and volunteers.

    I hope that you/anglers find Tidal Fish a great fishing site that provides a platform for anglers of all types to share reports, meet new friends and just enjoy a community of people who just plain old loves fishing. While I founded and work on the site, I want to take this space to acknowledge that it takes a team of people to keep it going and with out their support it would not be possible.

    I personally thank you all for this, you know who you are. I also want to thank all our visitors, sponsors, and those that subscribe to Tidal Fish for your support, with out you as well this all would not be possible, thank you!

    I run this site as a part-time spare time venture as it does not produce enough revenue to support any full time position. As the site has grown to over 50,000 registered fishermen and fisherwomen it at times can be hard to keep up. I try to keep up and get back to everyone in a timely fashion giving first priority to our sponsors and subscribers. But, I do always get back to everyone. If you do not hear from me right away, I am not ignoring you, my inbox is simply backed up.

    Thanks for visiting Tidal Fish. We always welcome comments, feedback and suggestions (good, bad or ugly) as we are always looking for ways to make the site better. You can reach us via email at [email protected] with any comments.

    Good Fishing and Good Times!


    Chief Angler

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