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  • FISHING TACKLE GEAR NEWS AND REVIEWS: Fishing Polarized Sunglasses: Costa Del Mar's 580 Lens Technology By Brandon White

    FISHING TACKLE GEAR NEWS AND REVIEWS: Fishing Polarized Sunglasses: Costa Del Mar's 580 Lens Technology By Brandon White

    Polarized sunglasses are one of the most important pieces of equipment any angler can have whether he/she is fishing the bay, flats, inshore or offshore waters. Glare is the enemy and reducing it as much as possible gives an angler better visibility and the ability to spot and see fish.

    About a year ago my favorite pair of polarized sunglasses broke as a result of me sitting on them. When I contacted the manufacturer I was alerted that they were no longer making that frame and I was out of luck. I took the opportunity to look around at some other manufactures and see if there was something new in the sunglass market that I might have missed. I talked with a few companies, one of them Costa Del Mar. When I spoke with the lady there she informed me about their 580 lens and how it really provided revolutionary new technology that provided better optics by cutting down greatly on the yellow light allowing the eye to see more red, blue and green. Yellow light is the villain when it comes to glare and filtering it out as much as possible is one of the main things a good pair of polarized sun glasses needs to do. Honestly, I was skeptical, but the nice lady informed me if I was not satisfied that she would take them back no questions asked. I said that was fair, picked out the Triple Tail frame and said shoot me over a pair in the grey lens color. Two days later they were at my door, I unwrapped the package, put them on walked outside in the sun light only to be pleasantly surprised.

    I have been wearing these glasses exclusively over the last year for all my fishing adventures; they have accompanied me bone fishing in the Bahamas, fishing the Snake River and Henry’s Fork section in Idaho for brown and rainbow trout, chasing native cut throat trout in some spring creeks in Wyoming, Golden Dorado fishing in the Ibera Marsh and Rio Pirana in Northern Argentina, chasing steel head on the Rio Santa Cruz along the south east coast of Argentina, chasing striped bass through out the year in Maryland and Virginia sections of the Chesapeake Bay, in and around Martha’s Vineyard/Cape Cod area in early summer, Montauk and Rhode Island in the fall, and chasing silver salmon in Ketchikan and in the Tongas National Forest in Alaska. My Costa Del Mar sun glasses never let me down in any of these areas and the 580 lens technology really did make a difference.

    If I had anything negative to say about the glasses it would relate to the frames. It seems that the paint on the frames in a few spots has managed to flake and wear off a bit. I admit that they have taken a bit of a beating, but I was a little disappointed by the chipping and flaking that has happened. In now way it is a deal killer and if it happened on a black or dark pair of frames it would not have been as noticeable, but given mine are silver you notice it a little more. I have not contacted Costa about the issue, but I am sure when I talk to them again they will be more then willing to fix or replace them, they have excellent customer service.

    The last thing I would add to my review is that you choose wisely about the color lens you get. I choose the grey because most of the conditions that I fish in are in bright light, grey is excellent for that. However, in low light they do not perform as well. This is not an issue if you are fishing in the bay, but if you are going to be fishing the flats where you need to spot bone fish, permit, tarpon or other flats species a better lens color is copper or amber These colors allow for better contrast in the lower light conditions and if I were to recommend an all around color if you can not afford two pairs, copper or amber would be my choice.

    You can read more about Costa Del Mar 580 lens technology and see the frames they offer them in at their website.


    Authors note: As an outdoor/fishing industry professional I receive discounts on industry products. In this case I was furnished this pair of glasses at no cost except for shipping. They were a discontinued color and that is the reason they were given to me for no charge to test. Cost was not an issue for me as I liked the frames and wanted to try the new lens. I will be buying a second pair in copper (you should always travel with a back up pair of glasses on any of your fishing me, been there and forgot that before; you do not want to be with out glasses) at the outdoor industry rate.

    If you have a new product or service that anglers would benefit from knowing about drop me a line for consideration at BrandonW @ Tidal Please also note: 1) I do not accept unsolicited products, so please contact me prior to sending anything, 2) I always insist of paying something for a product to compensate the company/person to cover some of the cost of supplying it to me to test. I believe this allows me to write about the good and bad from experience with the product or service 3) I will not write about a product or service that I have not used.
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    1. CaptBeach's Avatar
      CaptBeach -
      Yo Brandon...that's some funky looking shades bro...anyway...Costa Del Mar rocks...great review...

      Capt Beach
    1. sillybell's Avatar
      sillybell -
      I bought a pair of Triple tails with 580 lenses in '07. Black frames with blue mirror lenses were my choice. I absolutely LOVE the look and the glare reduction these glasses provide.

      But the weight of the glass lense can be unbearable at times. When I'm fishing, I don't really notice the indentions on the bridge of my nose from the weight but when I wear them driving, I can only wear them for an hour or so at a time before they get uncomfortable.

      I liked the look of the glasses so much that I purchased another pair of TT's last summer. This time, I bought the tortoise frame w/ amber CR-39 lenses. Same look and feel. The quality of the lense is somewhat diminished but the light weight compensates for that. Now I wear these almost exclusively when I'm driving or fishing in low light conditions.

    1. Aquasport's Avatar
      Aquasport -
      I did my research a good 3 years ago and the 580 lenses were far and away the best lenses I had ever experienced. I got the black TT's with gray lenses and have been wearing them everyday. I found the key to keeping them from getting damaged/lost is to use a neck strap. That way they are always close by when you're not wearing them.
    1. Tower_Climber's Avatar
      Tower_Climber -
      I own a pair of the hammerhead 580s with the green lenses...fantastic all around pair of glasses. The only time I wear anything else is when I am offshore in bright skies..under those conditions my 580 fathoms with the blue lenses are unbeatable. The 580's are the BEST sunglasses I have ever tried and I have tried many.
    1. DAndrews's Avatar
      DAndrews -
      Love my Maui Jim's
    1. flight risk's Avatar
      flight risk -
      I just bought a set of the new Jose's by Costa Del Mar. I have three other pair of Fathoms. However, the Jose's are bad azz. they stop a lot of the cheek and side glare/light from coming in. Now my eyes bother me less on the water after a long day.

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