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    Tidal Fish publishes it's newsletter once a month and at times sends it as many as twice a month if the fishing is hot or there are other important fishing reports, news or events we believe would be of interest to you. We will not sell your information to any other entity for any reason. We do allow our sponsors and advertisers to reach you through our newsletter, but we never turn over our mailing list to an advertiser or other like person or company for their use. We have a full privacy policy which you can review here if you have other questions or concerns.

    We require you to validate that you are the true owner of your email address. You can sign up for the Tidal Fish newsletter via two ways:

    1) You can send us an email from your email client. You can do so by clicking here or by emailing us at Newsletter @ . Please be sure to put "Subscribe to Tidal Fish Newsletter" in the subject line. Once you are signed up you may opt out at any time.

    2) You can sign up by logging into your "Settings" link (located the top right hand side of the page) then on the left column under "Forums" click "Forum Settings" and under the "Messaging and Notification" section click the box next to "Receive email from Administrators".

    We appreciate your interest in the Tidal Fish newsletter and look forward to arriving in your email inbox.

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