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    How to Fish Susquehanna River

    by Jerry Norris
    Ah, tee shirt weather and I can hear the buds on the shad bush growing already!

    In Susquehanna River Fishing Part I, I wrote about the shad run and the dilemma that I face each spring trying to decide whether to fish for shad or white perch. Well as the water warms, it isn’t long before Mother Nature intervenes, solving that problem as the white perch run begins to overlap the shad run. But even before the white perch move into the upriver shallows, there are several weeks of deep water perch jerkin’ that starts anywhere from late March to the first week in April. ...
    How to Fish Susquehanna Flats Chesapeake Fishing

    I've fished the Susquehanna Flats now for the last fourteen years, this will be the fifteenth. I've basically been on the water every fishable day in the month of April till May 3 for fourteen years at the Susqy Flats. I do not have the exact numbers but what I do know is I've spent many days on the water at the flats over the last fourteen years. I have learned much myself and have learned a lot from the "king" of the flats, Mike Benjamin. I still don't know it all and probably never will. It seems like the more I'm on a piece of water the more I realize I don't know. Funny how as I "mature" in my fishing life fantasy, "the more I KNOW I don't know". Granted I've been pretty good at working patterns and observing clues to locating fish and always trying to get better. The main super secret ...
    Susquehanna River Shad Fishing Susquehanna Yellow Perch Fishing

    by Jerry Norris
    Well, it's January 2012 and it is about twenty degrees outside. Now isn’t that just lovely. Lots of folks are wishing for hard water so they can go ice fishing, but personally, I am ready for the shad bushes to bloom and the shad to run

    Hickory Shad are usually the first fish that start showing up in the river in early ...
    How to Tie Fishng Knots Palomar Knot Uni Knot Blood Knot

    By Brandon White
    So far in this series we’ve covered a high level overview of light tackle fishing for striped bass, in Parts 2 and 3 we went into detail about light tackle spinning and bait-casting rods, in part 4 and 5 we covered spinning and bait-casting reels. We’re almost ready to get out on the water and talk about where we look to find striped bass, but before we do that we need to cover knots and then once we know how to attach lures to the line ...

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