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    by Published on 07-17-2006 04:19 PM

    In Part 1 of this series we learned about the basics of Eastern Bay and some pointers on Kent Point and The Snoose. In this segment we discuss tackle and techniques to employ during your Eastern Bay Adventures.

    Tackle and Techniques

    Sophisticated tackle and techniques are not required to catch fish consistently on Eastern Bay. This is one of the many attractions the fishery offers. The average angler can hit the water and expect to be successful here. Medium action outfits spooled with premium ten to twelve pound line and an assortment of bottom rigs and artificial lures will handle the needs of light tackle enthusiasts. My preference is a six-foot medium action St. Croix Premier Series spinning rod loaded with green 12-pound test Trilene Big Game Line. This rod has the sensitivity to detect a light flounder or trout bite and the power to land a big striper quickly.

    The stripers, blues, trout, and mackerel will take many different artificial lures. The bait they feed on is typically between two and five inches long and spends most of its time in the upper portion of the water column. Stripers often key on two distinct bait ...

    How to Fishing Chesapeake Bay Eastern Bay Maryland FIshing

    by Richie Gaines
    Eastern Bay, as the name implies, lies on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay east and slightly south of Annapolis Maryland. Three rivers feed the Bay, the Chester from the North and the Wye and Miles rivers join from the East. The Bay encompasses some twenty square miles and its well-marked channels make for easy navigation. Water depths vary from shallow grass flats to deep channels of fifty-feet or more. Water quality in Eastern Bay is excellent ...
    by Published on 11-20-2004 01:52 PM

    Ask a group of light tackle saltwater anglers what their favorite artificial lure is and you’ll probably get as many answers as there are anglers in the group. Many will say they just cannot narrow it down to one lure. Well I sure can. In the past few years I’ve experimented substantially and had terrific success with one certain type of artificial. This year I used them exclusively and my clients and I caught stripers up to forty inches, we caught fish from two feet of water down to forty and every depth in between. In addition to stripers of all sizes, we caught largemouth bass, yellow perch, white perch, bluefish, weakfish, and Spanish mackerel. Heck, I even caught a slew of dolphin on these lures while fishing offshore last summer. What is my favorite artificial lure you ask? Well, let me tell you a little story first.


    An Event Occurred That Changed The Way I Looked At Artificial Lures

    I am a former largemouth bass fisherman. The goal in this sport was to put fish into the boat and I got upset if I lost a fish. We went to great lengths to ensure that this didn’t happen. Many lures had multiple sets of treble hooks and these rigs certainly did their job, often too well, as you will read. As I began to expand my fishing and spent more time chasing stripers in the Chesapeake region I made use of my bass fishing equipment. One day an event occurred that changed the way I looked at artificial lures. I was casting a RattleTrap to a submerged rock pile and hooked a very nice striper. I fought the six-pound fish to the boat quickly to ensure a safe release. As I bent over the side of the boat to remove the front set of treble hooks from its jaws, the striper shook its head violently and the rear trebles imbedded deeply in my right hand.


    Now I had a problem, a big problem. Each time I would release pressure on the fish to try and work the hooks free it would start flopping around. When the striper flopped I flopped with it. If there had been anyone nearby to observe the goings on in my boat they would have thought I was crazy. I tried unsuccessfully for several minutes to unhook either the fish or myself to no avail. Finally, I lifted the fish into the boat and basically sat ...

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