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    Saltwater Fly Fishing for Speckled Trout Chesapeake Bay Honga River

    The arrival of fall brings a plethora of opportunities for the saltwater fly angler in and around the Chesapeake Bay. Stripers start to school making for some phenomenal days chasing breakers with plenty of bluefish still around and mixed in to provide a strong pull on the end of your fly rod. While this makes for ...
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    Are you tired of perusing through catalog after catalog looking for the perfect fly box? Do you have 10 inch flies and 4 inch flies that are a tangled mess? I think you might enjoy having one or two inexpensive boxes that can store 10 inch ...
    by Published on 10-13-2006 01:19 PM

    A July morning last year I was on the flats and it was no different than any other, mullet and mudminnows (or gudgeons) were swimming everywhere. As I stealthily poled my boat across the flats I noticed the shoulder wakes of several puppy drum. I quickly traded my pushpole for my flyrod and cast just ahead of the torpedo like wakes. After a few strips, wham! The drum took the fly and headed for deeper water. After a quick battle I released a lovely 6-pound fish. In less than an hour I boated about ten Puppy drum on this flat. This story sounds just like any other inshore red drum trip, except this one takes place in Virginia Beach.

    Yes, I said Virginia Beach, for several years local fishermen have been taking inshore puppy drum (term ...

    by Published on 12-20-2004 01:45 PM

    If there was ever a fly that revolutionized the sport of fly fishing it has to be the Clouser Minnow. Developed by Bob Clouser and duplicated by everyone who ever sat in front of a vice. Those tiny little barbell eyes are the signature. There is not a day of long rodding that goes by without someone saying the word “Clouser”. They are, or should be, a part of everyone’s arsenal. So what’s new? Well, new probably is not the best choice of words but there are some variations in color and size that are worth mentioning. The following are some variants that have proven to be effective and illustrate some of differences in the way the Clouser can be tied. Let’s start with size. I have tied the Clouser Minnow in sizes from #12 to 5/0 and everything in between. The smaller sizes lend themselves to using squirrel tail or calf tail while the larger sizes are usually tied with the longer fibers found in bucktail and similar materials. Synthetics ...

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