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    by Published on 11-20-2004 01:03 PM

    The Crease Fly was first introduced to me by Joe Blados. Joe is an avid salt water fly fishing guide, an innovative fly tier, and someone who is always eager to chat about fishing. Joe guides out of the Long Island area and is very familiar with what big blues and stripers like to eat. Additonally, Joe never seems to be at a loss for something innovative and is currently experimenting with some unique ideas involving artwork related to fishing. As a guide, Joe spends a lot of his time chasing blues and stripers around Long Island Sound ...

    by Published on 06-20-2004 02:50 PM

    Typically in saltwater fly fishing, and more specifically with fly fishing on the Chesapeake Bay, heading out into the big water and searching for breaking blues and stripers is option #1, and fishing underwater structure is option #2. Both of these options require a boat that’s capable of moving from spot to spot, or from school to school.

    I personally own a small, humble boat and ...
    by Published on 11-20-2003 01:26 PM

    A Bald Eagle sits sentinel like, at the top of a dead tree. The sun shines down from a gap in the clouds, piercing deep into the clear water. A strong breeze ruffles the surface of the lake. bait size fish have sought sanctuary in a dense weed bed. Nothing moves, except the boat as I move slowly through the water, The only shade is from my long peaked cap, polarised sunglasses help my eyes to seek and search deep into the dazzling shimmering water.

    I blink, then squint, can it be, or is it a shadow, I squint again. Yes there it is, I spot a fin movement, Then a tail moves slightly. My squinting blinking eyes move slowly up the length of a fish it must be forty five inches long. I gasp! My heart beats a little faster. Its a big one. perspiration rolls off my forehead, into my eyes stinging as it does so, despite the cold wind. My hands shake a little, I start to feel nervous.

    My brain goes into over drive, yes I have one. Its like a computer as I work out the angle of the cast, the distance to target. I aerelise ten yards of line, I need another five. I pull this off the reel quickly all the time keeping my eyes on the big one. I’m the hunter, The hunted ...

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