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    Published on 04-17-2013 02:46 PM
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    Since 1872, the legacy publication has been divining the future and earned space on countless coffee tables around the globe. The world has relied on Popular Science to preview the future - to trumpet whenever a fanciful idea comes together in the form of nuts and bolts, engines and wings, circuit boards and transducers.

    Annually, now in its 25th consecutive year, Popular Science recognizes the ingenious ...
    Four new propellors from Yamaha, Saltwater Series HS4™ Propellers with Shift Dampener System, Performance XL4™ Series for F350 V8 Outboards, Performance XL4™ HP Series, Saltwater Series XL Propellers with SDS™

    Yamaha Marine Group announced it will increase its propeller offerings as part of its ongoing effort to provide endless propeller solutions to help any boat, from large to small and offshore to fresh water, achieve peak performance on the water. Added to Yamaha’s propeller line up are four new products that are now available through Yamaha marine dealers nationwide.

    Saltwater Series HS4™ Propellers with Shift Dampener ...
    Winterize Your Boat

    by Lenny Rudow
    Awww, shucks! Winter’s closing in, and you need to safely stow your fishing machine for the season. Bummer. But make sure you do this job, and get it done right. Otherwise, when spring rolls around you might be spending your cash on big repair bills, instead of umbrella rigs and trolling rods.

    ENGINES – Obviously, the engine is the most important part of any boat to winterize. If you have an outboard, you’re lucky: simply tilt it down and it’ll drain completely. There is NO NEED to run anti-freeze through an outboard, and any yard that says different is ...
    Boat Ramp How to Launch your Boat Top 10 Tips to Help you Launch Retrieve and Trailer Like a Pro

    by Lenny Rudow
    Are you sick and tired of boat ramp ridicule? Wouldn’t you like to get your fishing machine into and out of the water in a matter of seconds, instead of providing entertainment for those dock-walkers? Launching and retrieving your boat is a stressful situation, one which can define your reputation among your piers. Use these ten trailer boat tricks, and you’ll look like a pro each and every time and be a boat ramp champ.

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