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    Published on 03-21-2013 01:47 PM
    Article Preview

    By Cory Routh
    I was very excited to see WRO’s demo kayaks come off of the truck. Back when I was a Native Watercraft endorsed guide, we were drawing this concept on a napkin during the 2010 Canoecopia. I was very excited to see what the designers from Native were going to do with the input from their Guides and the “Power to the People” initiative. So ...
    Published on 02-28-2013 11:03 AM
    How to Rig a Kayak for fishing

    By Mark Lozier
    Ok you’ve found the kayak that fit your fishing conditions. You also have bought the necessary accessories, PFD, paddle and safety equipment. You've read <a href="">Kayak Fishing Rigging Part One</a> and <a href="">Kayak Fishing Part Two</a>. Now it’s time to add some extras. There are many things on the market to make your kayak a fishing machine. I ...
    How To Kayak Fishing

    By Mark Lozier
    In part 1 of this kayak fishing article series I covered the three styles of kayaks available to the angler. The only other consideration would be whether you wanted an alternative propulsion method. Several boats on the market now come available with a “peddling” type of system to move the kayak. These are great for keeping your hands basically free to fish and can help you cover a lot of water quicker with less fatigue because now you are using the largest muscles in your body, your legs. It is a good ...
    How to Kayak Fishing

    By Mark Lozer
    One of the most common questions I get asked is “what kayak should I buy?” by anglers looking to getting started in the sport. That is a very opened ended questioned that I could go on forever about the differences in kayaks for days. I equate it to buying a car. You can get a Mustang or a Pick-up truck, a Yugo or a Cadillac. It depends on your wallet and what you want it to do.

    There are three basic types of kayaks which to choose:
    1) Sit inside
    2) Sit on-top
    3) The newer hybrids

    Let’s take a look at each of the types of kayaks ...
    Kayak Fishing Kayak Roof Rack

    By Cory Routh

    I had spent about two days getting my personal fishing kayaks ready for a demo at a Flyfishing event. Everything from anchor shuttles to sponsor stickers, everything was just right. Loaded them onto the roof of my Avalanche, strapped em down and went in for the night. I assumed that because my vehicle was just feet from my window, and the area was well lit, I would not need to use my cable locks. So I went in to go to bed. The next morning went normal as well with the exception of

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