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    Offshore Fishing Teasers

    By Lenny Rudow. Does it seem like the big sportfishers always come back to the dock with more fish than the small, trailerable boats have in the box? Sure it does—those guys on the 50-footers have some serious advantages over you and I in our center console and cuddy cabin boats. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hang with the big dogs when you’re hunting tuna, billfish and other pelagics. Modern teasers give the little guy the ability to draw in fish just like the diesel boats, if you know which to run, when to run them, and how to use them to ...
    Spanish Mackerel Fishing Spanish Mackeral Lure Making Chesapeake Bay Spanish Mackerel Fishing

    By Shawn Kimbro
    With more warm weather in the forecast, the macs are sure to stay around for a few more weeks. I'm answering some backchannel messages with this report and will attach photos showing the way I make lures I cast for Spainards. To be sure, any flashy lure will work with spanish and ...
    Fishing Pictures Light Tackle Jigging for Striped Bass Rigging for Bottom Bouncing for Striped Bass Rockfish Chesapeake Bay Fishing

    by Lenny Rudow
    Bottom-bouncing is a very effective fall fishing technique, but nlike many other striper techniques used on the Chesapeake, bottom bouncing requires some pretty specific gear. You’ll need 6’ to 6’6” long heavy action fiberglass rods. Yup, those old “broomsticks” have a purpose. You need their stiff tips and thick backbones to handle the wire line and heavy weight used for this technique. Reels should be ...
    Saltwater Fishing Offshore Fishing Swordfish Rigging and Techniques Swordfish Tackle Swordfishing

    by Lenny Rudow
    If you want to be a real offshore gladiator? Then take on the challenge of catching a swordfish. These beasts are the ultimate challenge for many anglers, and you’ll need to do some serious prep work if you plan to take one.


    Light attracts both bait and swordfish. Any light helps, but the best lights are green. Through years of testing a green light on one side of the boat and a blue and/or a white light on the other, about three times as much bait was regularly sighted on the green side. Stick with top-quality brands, like the

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