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    AFW Hi-Seas Fishing Line Adds Quattro Braid

    AFW / HI-SEAS has added another remarkable fishing line that combines the disappearing camouflage properties of HI-SEAS Quattro® monofilament line and the finesse casting line strength of Grand Slam® Braid and created new Quattro® Braid. Fusing both popular HI-SEAS lines to create Quattro Braid was naturally the best line concept to offer for both professional and recreational anglers.

    Quattro Braid camouflage fishing line provides excellent ...
    St Croix is introducing an all-new series of hyper-performance inshore saltwater rods, the Legend Inshore.

    The offspring of countless hours of on-the-water R&D in America’s toughest inshore playgrounds and endless tweaks in St. Croix’s state-of-the-art design labs (the rod-building equivalent of AREA 51), St. Croix has declassified a whole new generation of inshore weaponry.

    Enter Legend® Inshore, St. Croix’s all-new series of hyper-performance inshore saltwater rods. While engineered to match the muscle of big bull reds and savage snook (or the errant shark) they’re still sensitive enough to finesse finicky sea trout into submission. ...
    Sufix 832 Introduces Another Fishing-Line First

    Sufix®, the trendsetter in fishing line, continues to set the market on fire with the introduction of Sufix 832® Advanced Lead Core, the first lead core line to combine both Dyneema® and GORE® performance fibers.

    “This is the strongest, most versatile lead core available,” boasts Al Lindner, legendary angler and National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Famer. “It’s ideal for trolling and big-game species because of the added strength and extreme sensitivity.” ...
    Tooth-Shattering BX™ Series From Rapala

    In the game of firsts, no lure manufacturer sets the bar quite like Rapala®, and the new BX™ Series featuring the first-of-its-kind BX Swimmer and BX Minnow is no exception.

    Staying true to its roots, the heart of the Rapala BX Series boasts a balsa core that is embodied in a durable copolymer shell for unmatched toughness and incredible finishes, creating a truly masterful series.

    “The BX Series is the liveliest, yet toughest balsa-constructed ...

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