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Back in the 60s and until 71,Eeling was very popular at the Annapolis Bay Bridge.You could rent a boat at Sandy point State Park,clamp on a 6 hp outboard then putt around the pilings with a dozen Eels and catch 6-30 pound Stripers when the tide got right.Catching 20 a tide was not a big deal during July & Aug.with always some in the 20 lb. catagory. with an occasional 30 Pounder in mid summer ,The Rock Hall Fleet was there all summer as we caught endless Stripers.I got my Captains License by the reopening of Striper season on oct.1 1990.You could just motor around from Swan Point to Love Point til you marked a school,drop an Eel,and if the tide was right,you would have a limit of nice Stripers in 20 min. for your party.By Nov.,the water temp would drop and the Eel bite would stop.You would then have to troll to catch Stripers.At the CBBTstripers are still caught on Eels in Dec.I do not think the water temp is the same in Dec. at the CBBT as it is in Oct. in the upper Bay?I've never understood why they stopped taking Eels in Nov.. in the upper Bay,but still take Eels at the CBBT in Dec?There are exceptions to every rule but for the most part,they stop taking Eels in Nov. above the Bay Bridge.Does anyone have an answer?


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