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22 CC Rider

Rust stains

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Quote Originally Posted by 22 CC Rider View Post
Remove the screws, put some chrome polish on a cloth and rub the screw heads on the cloth till they shine. Clean the Starboard with CLR & bleach. Also a cheap screwdriver bit will transfer steel to the S/S screw head and over time show up as rust. Low grade S/S can be picked up or moved around with a strong magnet. 316S/S can't!
Do NOT mix CLR with bleach, especially in a confined area like a boat cabin. CLR is an acid that will disassociate the chlorine in the bleach turning it into chlorine gas.

Cabyn Fever, MY BAD! you are so right I should have included "NOT AT THE SAME TIME" on the CLR & bleach, IT's not a good mix. Thank you for pointing that out.


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