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Battery Draining

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While bottom fishing, I have the CB, the Lowrance and the live well on. After a couple of hours, my Lowrance will begin to flash, and if I stall the motor it won't start because the battery is dead. It happened the last 2 Sunday's. Thank You to all the friends that were making calls trying to help me get a jump, and a big thanks to the guy that ended up giving me a jump.
After getting the boat started, I turned off all electronics and the livewell and ran the boat for 15-20 minutes, it conked out again while I was going in and out of forward and reverse trying to liveline the pilings in the wind, but it started back up. SO, I am assuming my motor is charging it well enough. I never have this problem when I do not use the livewell. I am just wondering if anyone else has this problem and what they did to solve it.
I do not think I have room for another battery except to just carry an extra. But why would more amps be going out than coming in while the boat is idling while bottom fishing? Is there a short somewhere in the live well wiring? Or do I need a new Live well pump that is more efficient?
I will always have my jumper cables, an extra battery and my jumper box with me all the time now.


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