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Best Of Bay Fishing, Off shore Wreck and Deep Drop now

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Guys & Gal's,
I have fished the best of the Bays fishing starting in 1956 when fish were big and plentiful and stopped in 2017.
Now I do not fish the bay as there are no Big fish to catch, limits on species, more boats and fishermen/woman out there fishing. Owning a boat today is expensive and the cost to catch a few small fish is not worth it and was a reason for me to get rid of my boat.
Today I now plan on concentrating on doing only Off Shore Wreck & Deep Drop Fishing. Hopefully I can get a ride out there with someone going off shore on their own boat,needing a rider and share the expense of the trip. At least out there I can catch something worthwhile and enjoy the ride and being on the water.
I do have a hand held unit with various wrecks, Tilefish & GoldenTile fishing spot number locations.

If you need a rider for Off Shore Fishing contact me.
[email protected]

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  1. Flounderman2001's Avatar
    This was a 50 Pound Golden Tile I caught out there in the Norfolk Canyon.

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