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Brian Hogge

Went Toad Fishing ..... But The Flounder Got In The Way

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I wasn't planning on going again this weekend because of the winds, and when you combine it with all this heat, it's just down right tough fishing in those conditions. I thought I had my fill w/ Friday's catch, but after recharging my batteries yesterday, I was up for the possibility of trying again Sunday. Sunday's WX forecast wasn't looking good at all during the day on Saturday..... and it made it even worse when they posted SCA Saturday night ........ it didn't look like we were going to make it out. I asked Richie and Allen to make the call last night ....... but then we decided to get up this morning at 4:30am and see what it looks like . Guess what, it was howling this morning, but the SCA was lifted , and since NOAA said it was going to be ok, then we took their word for it. So we left the dock a little late, not getting out of the creek until after 7am, gathered up some bait and hit the 4ft'ers to cross the Bay ....... nasty.

I had plenty of fillets and I wanted to target something else besides Flounder, so we decided to go after the elusive OYSTER TOAD. We couldn't afford to put any $$ in a hat, so we decided on a trophy. Here ya' go Richie.

Once we got that out of our system, we concentrated on some flatter species. I guess it's a little optomistic to think that the bite that's been going on could last another day ........ and it wasn't. It dropped off considerably from what it was the last 2 days. We worked the bridge hard just picking up one here and one there.

Around 10:30am we found an area that had a nice school of fish and they were hungry. When we pulled up to this pylon, right away Richie had a bite and set the hook on a nice fish ......... just as he set the hook, I got a bite that very instant ...... asked Allen to get the net, he couldn't because he was getting a bite....... so I let my fish just set on the bottom until I netted Richie's fish....... then I handed him the net with his fish still in it and I set the hook on another nice fish. I fought that fish to the boat and Richie did a fine job of putting that fish in the boat, mean while, Allen has set the hook on a nice fish and is telling Richie to hurry up and get my fish out of the net and come get his ...... Richie scoops up Allens fish .......... after all that we have (3) 25" fish in the boat, I wish I had a pic of that, but it was too hectic to even think about .

I had talked to Jeff (kwb23vb) a couple of times in the am, and he was at the 4th, some action but lots of throwbacks..... gave him a call and told him to join us while the bite lasted. It was funny, the crew said that must be Jeff coming, he had her in the wind and I swear the prop came out of the water a couple of times ........ I think I had just hung up the phone and here's Jeff and Katie. Glad ya'll caught some keepers. Katie,I know you said not to post this ..... but it's the price you pay for the Spot.

We ended the day around 12:30 so we could get home and get cleaned up and rested for a great week of work starting tomorrow. The tide was starting to crank anyways ...... so what the hay ?? By the end we had our limit of fish ranging from 20" to 25" ....... purdy fish, just not any biggens today. I've been experimenting on how to get a final catch shot, this one was with a stringer but it's too difficult ...... try something else next time.

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