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Starting Jan.1 ,2010 Maryland Anglers will need to Register with NOAA Before Fishing

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Quote Originally Posted by cisco651 View Post
$40 bucks for a boat license that covers ever body on year those same people will fork up to $25 each??? IT'S A TAX on fishing nothing more...OB and the DEMS at there best !!!Get rid of them bastages

While I am not happy with the possibility of a new fee for fishing I do see a need for some kind of federal regulation of migratory species of fish. I am not just thinking of Stripers but Trout, Menhaden and more. I have followed several threads railing against the methods presently used to estimate catch. Maybe this will be a start in the right direction if it hey can get it right ( with the federal government this could be a problem), but for sure some of the states are doing a terrible job Example: VA. and NC. with menhaden. At any rate an additional fee will not keep me from fishing. A


  1. tbates's Avatar
    I am from VA and I couldn't agree more about us doing a terrible job of regulations. Having said that; If the state pulls in more revenue from licenses than they do from commercial fishing taxes we will have their attention. Licenses are a good thing. Don't kid yourself, this is not about getting more accurate harvest counts. It's about money and money talks. Think about it. How will extra licenses help anything to do with menhaden. They will help because our voices will be heard if there is enough money. Again, politicions will listen to the highest bidder.
  2. cisco651's Avatar
    Maybe I don't fully understand but I know I'm tired of everybody sticking their hand in my pocket for something or another...Fishing used to be just that ...Fishing...Now it's what hooks you use, how many you catch, who has a license, what side of the line you are on, what date it is, what size...I guess the old days of Huck Finn are over and I have to Catch up to what my Government tells me fishing is. ...
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