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I have something I am selling fishing related, can I post it on the message boards?

No. Please keep classified ads to the Classified Section on Tidal Fish. Putting your item in the Classified section is FREE and people continue to have great success selling everything from boats to fishing tackle, electronics, homes, place to rent etc. We do not want people posting on the main message boards because if that happens the board becomes one big ad and no one wants to use the board because its just one big ad. If we find an ad your post will be removed. Should this happen more then once you will receive a warning, if it happens again your account will be suspended.

I am a Charter Captain, Guide, or Tackle Shop owner, can I post fishing reports?

Yes, our users love to have fishing reports from professional Charter Captains, Guides and/or Tackle Shops and it can be a great way to gain exposure for your business. However, we do have guidelines which are as follows:

1) The fishing report MUST be useful to other members of the message board. This means that a user can read the report and get useful information about the general area, tide(s) stages, general method (lures, bait etc), and conditions that will help them be able to better catch and locate fish after reading the report .

If you are just posting to gain exposure for you business and post vague information and/or simply saying your clients caught X number of big fish and then post pictures, your reports will be removed.

We understand that as a Charter Captain, Guide or Tackle Shop you will generally receive discounts on fishing equipment, including boats, and fishing tackle and may even be sponsored. We also understand that part of the deal in sponsors giving you the discounts and/or free stuff is that you will give them exposure. We expect you to use your best judgment when giving a report. Of course if you have a hot lure that is catching fish, Tidal Fish users want to know about it, but thee is a line between “informing” and “advertising” and we expect you to keep to the “informing” side of things.

If you have a Commercial Subscription you may, as this level of subscription permits, have your contact information, a link to your site and/or a banner (see the Commercial Subscription FAQ section for full details) in your signature so Tidal Fish members can contact you. If you do not have a Commercial Subscription you still may post fishing reports, however you may only sign your name such as “Captain Brandon” at the end of your post and may not have any links, active or not, phone numbers or like information in your post.

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