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What is a Tidal Fish Subscriber?

Tidal Fish’s base level of paying subscription indended for non-commerical recreational anglers. This group has all the features of a Registered User plus: a Signature in their posts, ability to see thread/post Deletion Notices, can Search Forums, Can Rate Threads, can Upload Pictures/Attachements with 35mgs of storage, up to 250 bMail/Private Messages, has Message Tracking, can send up to 10 messages at once, can View Who’s Online, can view Locations of Users, Can manage own User Notes about Others, can have up to a 40k Profile Picture (300x300 pixel picture), up to 15k Custom Avatar (65x75 pixel picture)

What is a Tidal Fish Super Subscriber?

Tidal Fish's Super Subscriber is out highest level of subscription indended for non-commerical recreational anglers. This group has all the features of a Subscriber plus: total of 100mgs of Picture/Attachment Storage, ability to open and close their own thread(s),can post Polls, ability to have a Custom Title, unlimited bMail/Private Message storage, can deny bMail/Private Message Read Receipt Requests, can send up to 20 Private Messages at a time, can set self to Invisible Mode, up to 50k Profile Picture plus enhanced size (500x500 pixel picture), up to 20k Custom Avatar plus enhances size (85x100 pixel picture)

What is a Tidal Fish Commerical Subscriber

A Tidal Fish Commercial Subscriber is permitted to put a commercial signature and text, link (no more then 4 lines of text describing your business and contact information) or small banner (50h x 400w pixels) in your signature to advertise a business. This subscription should only be used by users who post on a regular basis. This subscription does NOT give the right to make a commercial post (i.e. a post making an announcement about your business, a special promotion or the like), but rather is an “ad” that travels with you in your regular posting activity. This option is perfect for Charter Captains, Guides or Tackle Shop owners who post useful fishing reports on a regular basis and want to provide contact information so Tidal Fish members can contact them. It is also perfect for a business owner who contributes to the Tidal Fish message boards on a regular basis and has a business that might be of interest to the Tidal Fish community. Tidal Fish reserves the right to refuse any ad. By signing up for this subscription you agree that should you break the rules you will receive one warning. After one warning you agree and understand that another infraction will result in Tidal Fish suspending your account and agree to forfeit the subscription fee in full.

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