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    Quote Originally Posted by pgoodchild View Post
    Hey Wild Bill - Do you think the Gel-Spun backing was the reason my Albright knot kept slipping? It took me 20 minutes to get the fly line and backing knot to not slip. I guess you have to break a few eggs before making that omlet huh? I'm going to order my spare spool and set up the sinking line and I'll use the Cortland Mono you suggested for this. Thanks for all the help.


    It is Micron which is a smaller diameter Dacron. As I said the Cabelas brand is cheaper and just as good. Their name is Prestige.

    Or you can do as ST suggested and use 65 pound Powerpro found in almost any tackle shop.

    I just do not like the feel of gel spun or high tech braids. I am back to bright yellow 30# Micron. Not likely in the bay, but the gel spun I bought for my big reel would cut your finger right to the bone all around, if it looped on you finger with a strong fish. I see its use for big game but not anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UptonLJ View Post
    So, I spent a lot of time fishing the Southern Ches. Bay in and around Va Beach and this summer I want to take on a new challange in Fly fishing. I have very little experience in this particular field so I obviously have many questions... My first question is, what is a solid rod/reel for fishing for puppy drum, striper and spec trout? I am looking for a good all around reel and rod that wont put this college sutdent in the poor house. Thanks in advance for any help!
    Great question! I have been fly fishing my entire life and I'm the same as you. Not trying to break the bank on my fly fishing gear, even to this day!

    I've found this really useful site lately. They have a post all on the top fly rods which includes a few expensive brands, but it also includes a bunch of cheaper rods and they have separate sections for full outfits that cost less than $175.

    Also if you want to save some cash on flies, you can learn to tie them. A fly tying kit only costs around $75 with tools and material that you'll need, then you can follow along with fly tying tutorials on youtube and voila. Saving more cash.

    Seeing as flies cost up to $4-$5 in a fly shop, this can save a lot of money.

    Hope this helps!
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