Donít throw those leaky waders away.
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    Default Donít throw those leaky waders away.

    You know the 3 - 5mm neoprene or the lightweight breathable stockingfoot type. Been making my own fly reel bags with them for years, but lately found they fit nicely into the camera world. For example: I spend a lot of time hiking with the camera and one lens or filter never seems to be enough, so what do you do? If youíre like myself you buy one of those fancy camera backpacks with all the padded compartments. Great for carrying stuff in the car or boat but in the field I find them heavy, cumbersome, with limited space. One solution is to take that old leaky neoprene wader, cut off a portion of the leg, turn it inside out to fit lens or camera ĖI use staples temporarily-, then sew and trim. Turn it back right side out and you got yourself a lightweight lens bag. The same goes for waterproofing and camo use, here I use the lighter breathable wader, great protection when taking photos while hiking or better yet from a blind on a drizzly, rainy, or snowy day. When Iím shooting from a stationary position using a tripod I drape a large piece of the light breathable wader over the whole setup Ėno sewing needed here-. Now I can carry all the camera gear thatís needed still protected from most bumps, bangs, and weather either in a pocket of my cargo pants or in my favorite camo backpack which has foul weather gear, drinks, snacks, gps, you name it for a full day in the field. Your option has no limits and the beauty is they sew up very easily on just about any ordinary sewing machine. Oh! Donít throw away the neoprene stocking feet; they work great inside those white thin walled rubber boat boots when cut off about 4-6 inches above the ankle.

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    Good Ideas.I have a pair of leaky neopremes that I still use in winter.I wear my pair of light weight nylon breathable over them.They are nice & warm in the winter for Kayaking.A friend of mine,along time ago told me he never understood why they called them a 'pair" of pants or scissors ...when when they are 1 unit and not 2.?
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