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    Members of the East Carolina Fishing Club have posted a report to the Bowfin Anglers Group website. They noted they are a new club.

    So, should we ask them to fish our charity event this spring? Do any of you have friends there at the school who might know how to get a hold of them? Can we let Dalton insult them in our local newspaper?

    I hope the answer to all of the above will be a resounding "Yes."

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    Some of these guys post on the NCAngler forums and I think that they just started this semester. The e-mail contact I have for the club is [email protected].

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    They were very excited about catching Bowfin, which suggests to me that they have not yet been corrupted by the anti-Bowfin Largemouth Bass ideology. I say we get a hold of them and extend an invitation to fish our charity event, but it's up to the club in the end.


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    I agree we should have them to U-Lake. The question is...do they have enough boats for us, NCSU and ECU? It might be a good idea to do it at Cane Creek to give everyone more room, plus they have more boats.

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