Fishing on our 33’ “El Nuevo” today were our friends from Oklahoma Office Systems. The group of six spent their time offshore on the pacific side where water temperature was at 69 degrees and wind was coming in from the SSE at 14mph. Alex and Cesar took Kendall and his group to their secret spot and the group caught four 20 to 25 pound Yellowfin Tuna.

Out for the second day this week Marco, Marco and Mauricio went out on our 32’ “RumRunnin” again but this time with Javier and Mickey. The group arrived early and their enthusiasm paid off with both Marco’s reeling in a Striped Marlin each and Mauricio bringing in a nice-sized Tuna.

The Davis’, whom we met recently at the San Mateo trade show, caught 2 Tuna today with Omar and Americo on our 28’ ReelRum. They hooked the fish roughly 20 miles offshore on the Pacific side of the Baja.

And last but not least, our group of six anglers fishing our 32’ “RedBeam” with Marcial and Mu~neca caught 7 Tuna, spotted quite a few Marlin, dolphins, a whale and even a couple of turtles.