topwater swim bait's for bass?
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    Default topwater swim bait's for bass?

    i just ordered some cabela's swim bait's and berkley gulp bait swimmer's for my tackle box for the fresh water lake's im my area to use .use to saltwater fishing not fresh someone told me to catch bass and crappy i would need these so i bought a few anything special that i need to do that may be different compared to the saltwater fishing im use to?

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    Default topwater swim bait's for bass?

    make sure you let them pause every now and then. otherwise it should be the same. a lot of strikes will happen at the end of the pause. if you want to pick up more top water lures, something like a Yo-Zuri Banana Boat will work well. to work that, twitching it so it makes a small zig-zag path is the way to go.

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    Default topwater swim bait's for bass?

    buzz baits, go to bass pro have any kind of fresh water bait you want. buzz baits are fun and good bait to use. cast it out next to trees or stumps and crank it back to the boat. when they hit it what an explosion. try it you'll like it.

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