Any news yet????????
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    Default Any news yet????????

    Hello All,

    It is great to be on the board again, it has been too long[excited] I was just checking to see if anyone has heard on what is going to happen to the guys and dolls? I dont know if anyone else has received a letter from the Alabama Bass Anglers, I think is what it is called about trying to get a couples trail going?? Steve and I did and I also heard that this is what might be replacing Guys and Dolls. Does anyone know anything about this??

    Well no matter what I would love to see our old friends again.[grin]

    Annette Alabama West.

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    Default Any news yet????????

    No news over this way either. We fished the Southern Bassin Couples and HD Marine Couples this year. HD was definately the winner of those two, 100% payback. Also the Southern Couples is going to have their classic on Eufaula, we qualified but probably won`t go. Maybe we will get updated soon.
    David and Stacy

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    Default Any news yet????????

    The only news from here is I'm getting old and going bald. Or maybe that's not really news but at least I'll still ave my looks, unlike DD!!

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    Default Any news yet????????

    I can`t believe that you are going bald---you have more hair than a gorilla. As far as DD`s looks go---well maybe we should just pray that the kids take after Angie[grin][grin]

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    Default Any news yet????????

    Well I see that DD is still the talk of the board[grin][grin] With BB and David saying such nice things about him who needs friends[angel][angel] DD you better come out a play or you will be mud by the time these guys get done with you[wink]


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    Default Any news yet????????

    Hey David, I've still got more hair than DD even though it may not be on my head!! And as for the little ones looking like Angie, I pray daily![grin]

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    Default Any news yet????????

    Net..... Trust me- we are keeping it nice[wink][wink]

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    Default Any news yet????????


    We did not receive one of the letters but LLoyd & Dorothy said they did. We've changed our mailing address so that is probable why. Do you have a web site or anything on new one thats trying to startup? iIf so you could email me or bmail. We sure miss seeing everyone too. I saw some of you husbands at the BFL in Jackson in March and I think Ed has seen them a couple of times since then. I haven't been fishing much myself since the guys and dolls. We are in a local club but I haven't been much myself. We had 3 new grandbabys this past year . Debra

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    Default Any news yet????????

    Hey there all you happy people. I just popped in to say hello. We sold the boat, bought a new house and Jeff is already in the 10th grade and a starter for the Varsity Football Team Defensive line. Has anybody heard from Dalton at all? I used to get an occasional e-mail but have not in a long while. Hey BB, how is married life? Steve says hello, he is still working and big time into the poultry business. He has two huge incubators running full time, looking to purchase two more. Does all kinds of chickens. And I raise Miniature Dachshunds now. Plus work full time nights as a 911 dispatcher. I am sorry we lost touch. Who else is around so we can spark back up some conversation???

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    Default Any news yet????????

    Things have been quite since there was no season this year, we are all waiting to see what is going to happen for 2007 we have not heard. Things seems to be going good for you guys, good luck with those chicken's.

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