How do I get my Fishing Tournament, Event, Meeting or get together Listed on Tidal Fish
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    Post How do I get my Fishing Tournament, Event, Meeting or get together Listed on Tidal Fish

    There are a few ways to get your Fishing Tournament and/or Fishing Event listed on The Tidal Fish Calendar of Events, a weekly free summary of events we do and or advertising. Keep reading below for a description and How To.

    We do a weekly wrap up of events on the Message Boards for events in these areas for the upcoming week. It serves as a summery of the the weeks: Fishing Events, Fishing Tournaments, Fishing Club Meetings, and other Fishing Happenings.

    Guidelines and Requirements to be listed:

    1) The event must occur in the upcoming 21 days from a Sunday night. Events are updated once a week.

    2) A description of the event must be submitted to me via email ([email protected] by Sunday nights. The event list will be updated on late Sunday/Monday Mornings.

    3) Put "Tidal Fish Events" in the subject of the email, put only that. (If you do not put only that in the subject line of the email I will probably not get the email and it will not get listed)

    4) The event must be listed in the Tidal Fish Calendar of Events prior to your request. The Tidal Fish Calendar of Events is is located here.
    Please note, if your event is not listed in the Calendar of Events it will not be listed.

    5) In the email please provide the following information in this format:
    Title of Event:
    Additional Details: (limited to 250 characters)

    5) The cost is free

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I want my event listed further out then seven days on the message boards?
    option a) If you want your event listed out further then seven days then you must purchase a Sticky Thread/Ad. These are $55/week for for profit businesses or $25/week for non-profits. This gives you a separate thread that is stuck to the top of the message board where you have your own title and event details. It can include all your information in any format and graphics/pictures. You can have it closed so no one can respond or open so people can ask questions and you can answer. If you leave the thread open someone must monitor it to questions can be answered when asked.
    option b We do barter with tournaments for advertising, meaning in exchange for us promoting your tournament you give us exposure at the tournament. If you would like to enter into this sort of arrangement email Brandon with a barter proposal. You can email him at: BrandonW @ Tidal Fish . com

    Do you offer discounts if I purchase multiple weeks?
    Yes. Bulk buys are available: four or more $40/week, eight or more is $30/week. Prepayment is required.

    I see another Fishing Event/Meeting/Tournament listed in a separate sticky, how are they getting that?
    They either/or: 1) Have paid for a sticky. See above FAQ for information 2) If a fishing club or ongoing event may have paid for multiple stickys 3) Have a pre-arranged deal for exchange of advertising. Inquire for information on exchanging advertising deals, email BrandonW @ Tidal Fish . com with a proposal.

    If I am a Banner Advertiser can I get a discount for stickies?
    Yes. Please inquire for discount rate.

    What other advertising options do you have?
    Please visit our Advertising Page here

    I have another question that has not been answered, how do I get in touch with you?
    Email Brandon at: BrandonW @ TidalFish. com
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