The Officers discussed a partial schedule and list of business items we need to address at the meeting last week. I listed them below. Any other suggestions are welcome. For example, we need someone to design and buy a good sign for the club so we can hang it on tables at Club events.

A. Club Business

- Officer Elections (Sept 22)
- Renew Club Charter at Student Union immediately after election.
- Fall Fundraiser? Pit Sit?
- New Shirts
- Buy a good Club Sign

B. Fall Schedule


FallFest (August 23) 9pm - 2 am


- 1st meeting: 9/9
- Club Trip to University Lake 9/12
- 2nd Meeting : 9/22 : Election


Duke Forest? Clearwater Lake? Cane Creek Reservoir?
Speaker: Clearwater Lake rep?


Open Schedule

C. Winter/Spring Plans

I. Plan for Raleigh/Greensboro fishing expos in January (Share a table with Skeet?)
II. Plan to send teams to Collegiate Bass Tournaments?
III. Late March Charity Tournament versus NC State
IV. Haw River Clean up with Triangle Fly Fishers (in April) ?
V. Volunteer for Skeet’s event in May